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What exactly IS tiger tail?

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  • What exactly IS tiger tail?

    Hello I'm new and I hope you can help me? I just started making some bits of jewellery a couple of weeks ago, and I'm loving it, I just need help with stringing materials please.

    I've been making "snap" bracelets using thick elastic stuff which is transparanet (sorry I've no idea what it's called) and knots well enough but it doesn't look too "professional" I was wondering what everyone else uses for bracelets?

    I've also made some on leather thong which I use those metal things which squish the ends in nicely then I attach jump rings and lobster clips.

    Also I've seen some memory wire bracelets, how do you make these and what do you finish them off with?

    AND WHAT IS TIGER TAIL??? Do I need it? what do I do with it??

    Sorry, so many questions!! You wouldn't believe it but I've been reading lots of books but still have no idea what tiger tail is but I think I should get me some as everyone talks about it.


    Thankies x

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    Tigertail are strands of metal(stainless steel I think) twisted to make a thread which is then coated in bendy plastic, so it can be used for jewellery.
    I think you can get 3 strand and 7 strand and you can get it in many pretty colours.

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      so then the 3 strand would be used for small holed-beads and the 7 strand for ones with bigger holes?

      hmmm does it have another name?

      didn't find any last time I was in the mother ship aka HobbyCraft!!


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        It's not something I use as I don't do much jewelry. However, if you want some, do a quick search on eBay there are lots of sellers on there with many different colours to look through.

        Hope this helps,

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          scroll down page to see what your looking for.
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            Originally posted by naomi View Post
            so then the 3 strand would be used for small holed-beads and the 7 strand for ones with bigger holes?

            hmmm does it have another name?
            Yep, Ive found that the thicker one is a bit of a struggle to have 2 tigertail threads(when you finish off the end/crimp)going through a smaller 4mm bead hole.

            I dont know if it goes by another name but there are many variations of it by different suppliers,I think the main on is by beadalon.


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              If you decide to use tigertail, go for 7-strand not 3-strand. I find 3-strand is just too flimsy.

              I tend to use soft touch - it costs a lot more than tigertail (about 3 times the price), but it is substantially better, and doesn't kink in the way tigertail does. It has 21 strands, coated in plastic.

              You can also get 49 Strand Beadalon.

              It really depends on what you want to make.

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                Hi Naomi,
                When i first started to make jewellery, i basically studied the necklaces in my jewellery box, looked on the websites(Jillysbeads is a good one) And worked out what was what from there!!
                You can look all the different end bits and see whats what on the screen...
                I just played about untill i got something that resembled a piece of jewellery!!
                Don't be scared to experiment!!
                You could always buy stuff from charity shops to take apart and see how to make things...


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                  Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
                  Hi Naomi,
                  You could always buy stuff from charity shops to take apart and see how to make things...
                  that is SUCH a brilliant idea thank you, I know where I'm off to tomorrow


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                    I use softflex. It is expensive but it has never let me down. I agree with the experimenting idea. I use to spend time in highstreet jewellery shops, closely examining how bracelets or necklaces were made, how the clasps were attached etc. And search through google images of handmade jewellery. You will see things you like but wont copy them because you will have your own style ideas.
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                      Another softflex fan here - and the soft touch version is even nicer. If you can't find it, the beadalon is good too, especially the satin versions and silver plated.

                      I like to use 49 strand in the .018 and .019 sizes and 19 strand in the .015/.015.

                      There are some things that you don't want to 'drape' as much (bracelets in particular) and 7 strand is fine for these.



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                        I use tigertail for fully beaded necklaces and Beadalon for "floating" necklaces. I've even used silver-plated Beadalon for really nice pieces, otherwise I use the grey.

                        I personally don't like using tigertail for floating necklaces as I think it's quite a dull, flat grey colour, but you can get loads of different coloured ones.
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