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Wanted: dangly angel earrings (not too expensive)

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  • Wanted: dangly angel earrings (not too expensive)

    I've just started to wear dangly earrings (having worn loops for years!) and want some angel ones.

    I've bought some from Folksy and from Misi but wondered if there are any members on here who make them that would be happy to show them off on this thread so that I can see if there are any other earrings that take my fancy.

    I'd preferrably like silver coloured wires but the actual beads etc can be any colour. The ones I have at present are blue and I have a pair that are raspberry and pistatcio coloured.

    Can't afford too much but would love to see what is on offer.

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    Think there are some on my website - go to 'earring' section at left hand side, then scroll to bottom of page. Is that the kind of thing you are looking for?

    They are £2.50 per pair, silver plated, can do them in every colour you want! (usually)

    PM me if you want to ddiscuss etc.
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      Hiya, are you after beaded angels like louise's (very pretty! =) or angel charms? The lapis charm bracelet I made has some silver coloured angel charms hanging from it, I still have some of those which I can put on silver plated post stud dangles or sterling silver hooks =), or the other angel that's on the bookmark?
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        If it is the angel charms that you're after have a look at the Charm School UK shop. Thaty have nice angel charms and will fit them to sterling silver earring wires for you


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          We have this wing necklace on etsy, just search for " Lovely antiqued bronze wing with rose in bronze necklace" at our store on etsy!


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            I've got angel wing earrings, although I'm not sure whether you mean actual angels?
            I hope you like them anyway!

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              Not sure if you got the picture ok, so I thought I'd better post it here I've since changed the one angel as they didn't match.

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                Thanks all for the replies. Thanks Annette, got the email and have replied to you.

                I'm still looking as I really want to build up a collection so I can change my earrings to suit what I'm wearing, or my mood!
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                  I have some towards the bottom of the page

                  I have silver, bronze, gold and copper wings, there are some kilt pin brooches to match some of them, oh and I have some with a round bead for the skirt and glass wings.

                  And as you are a member here, I would be willing to sort out mates rates for them
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                    Thanks Delta, I've pm'd you!
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                      I have some angels and fairies earring on my website, ther are Silver Plated ear hooks but i can change them to sterling if you wish.

             crystal angels
             flying fairy - these can be made into earrings

                      apologies for the website i am re-constructing it at the moment so some pics may be out of line

                      I also have some new ones just in which i haven't been able to put on yet but if you pm me i can send you a pic of some

                      Gemma x


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                        Thanks for that Gemma. I have bookmarked your website as I am off on holiday for a few days visiting family. When I return I'll have a proper look and get back to you. I love the little crystal angels but also the silver ones.

                        Strangely, the flying fairy is identical to a pendant that I wear in sterling silver which my children bought me years ago!
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                          You are probably sorted by now but I have some glass pearl ones on my website too :-)
                          These are on sterling silver wires
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                            Hi Diane
                            Glad you like them I love the crystal angels too.

                            Hope you have a great holiday.



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                              Just have a look at my site(see my signature), there are many dangle earrings, hope you would find your love.
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