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    Hey All,

    You know when your out and about, cruising for ideas? Then you see something and think *light bulb* That would work....and so your brain races ahead into creation mode?...... :idea:

    Well, while I was out at Black Bush Market a few months back, I passed a New Age stall, inside this stall was a cabinet filled with legendary pendants of varying size. Being very interested in Mythology (lots of my pieces are myth based) I couldn’t help but stare, as I had dawdled around the market for the biggest part of the afternoon, the stall was packing away, no sooner had I rushed to find my sister when I returned to find that the cabinet had been packed away!!

    I was wondering if anybody knows of a webpage that has lots of unusual large pieces of mythological jewellery as I'm very interested in sculpting my own out of precious metal clay. (the silver one with the syringe applicator?) If anybody knows of a site that sounds remotely similar I would be much obliged! They are all based on Mythology, the likes of Thors hammer and such.

    Please help me recover my inspiration!
    Many Thanks,