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  • Chokers

    I've never made a choker, but a friend has asked me to make one for a special outfit.
    Bearing in mind i don't do beadwork (like the sort Peter does)
    My jewellery is musually made with string, beads wire, suede etc,
    I'm thinking that it should be multi coloured as the top that she has got is a pink that you would never match exactly, and the hat she wants is multicoloured pink/blue/summerycolours.
    So any suggestions on how to go about making a choker?
    Has anyone made one with wire? Would that be scatchy on the neck??

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    I have a very easy choker design that can also be made as a necklace earrings, watch strap etc.

    For a choker take a lobster clasp and thread a legnth of tiger tail on until the lobster clasp is in the middle and then pinch. add a crimp over both wires and close.

    you now have two wires the same legnth.

    add 4mm hematite beads on to each string. you can vary the amount to alter the pattern slightly. I use 4 on each string.

    Place a bicone swarovski onto one string.

    pass the other string through in the opposite direction and tighten.

    repeat the design until you reach the required length and then add crimp and extender chain and fasten of back through the crimp.

    This is a really easy project and can be done in any number of beads, colours or designs.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      I like the sound of that!!!!
      Will try it tonight when i get home from work,
      Thanx a lot!!!


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        Sounds good!

        How do you do the earrings then?

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          rather than starting with the lobster clasp, just start with the beads and work as many pattern repeats as you want. Add the crimp and then form a small loop in both threads by passing them back through the crimp.

          Attach an earring finding to the loop.

          Bracelet is exactly as per choker and necklace is just worked longer.
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.