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  • handmade jewellery!!

    hey ive been makin jewellery since january this year and i started listing my stuff on ebay making mostly costume jewellery after success with that i decided to try a website, i still make costume jewellery which is fun and quirky! i love working with sterling silver which is what i am trying to get into more now!! and i am dabbling with precious metal clay! which is fun its just getting it right!! so if you wanna take a look its and you can link to my items from that and ebay and see what i have previously listed and let me know what you think!
    thanks from fragglemay!!
    check my website :

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    Ive been making jewellery for a while too and ive also been selling some of it on ebay!! My stuff is punky and quirky too, but rather amature compared to yours! I think you stuff is awesome anyway and your website is uber cute too!! Good Luck with it all!


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      Re: handmade jewellery!!

      Easy to navigate website, simple and effective!
      Very nice! Good luck!!
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        I've just recently started making jewellery and I love it. My stuff is a bit amatuer at the mo but I'm wanting to start selling it. A Wildlife Trust shop has shown interest in selling it in their shop, but I need ideas of elsewhere. Did you have a lot of luck on ebay? I couldn't seem to find much handmade jewellery when I looked, and wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing! Also, your website looks great. Do you find it is a successful way of selling your stuff?


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          Love the site!

          Wow I love your website - it's really professional! Did you make it yourself? It looks like the kind of thing I'm trying to set up at the moment, for my jewellery. Do you have any tips?
          And your jewellery is really pretty too :wink:
          Luv, lili xxx


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            Great website.
            Love the jewellery
            Stunning Handcrafted Jewellery


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              No i never made the website. My ex-fiancee did, but i cheated on him twice so now I have to change it. See we split up a few weeks ago and I'm already in another relationship, and I was with him for four years. Isn't that desperate of me?
              check my website :


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                Nice and easy website