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My jewellery shop revamp

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  • My jewellery shop revamp

    I'm being swamped in the website reviews section so I thought I'd post here :-)
    I've re-done the whole look of my website to make it more professional and I was wondering whether you could possibly review it andsee if you can see any problems or mistakes?

    I have put a green background on the home page and a tartan background on the other pages - which do you prefer? I think the green looks a bit plain - what do you reckon?

    Thanks in advance for any comments!

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    I think your website is lovely and I think the green on your homepage is fine. When I clicked on earrings though I must admit I was a little bit overwhelmed by the tartan,it's a bit of a dazzler on the eye,but then again that could be just me and others might feel differently.
    Overall,lovely site

    Emma xx
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      I've just had a little look and I think it looks lovely!

      I think I agree that the tartan is a little bright. I think its nice to have a plain background so as not to take any attention away from the jewellery (which is gorgeous btw!)

      But I think you've achieved your goal in making it look professional and I love how easy it is to navigate.

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        I think your site is a joy to behold! The photos are fab and everything is clear and well laid out. Fantasmo!


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          Awww thanks guys!
          I'll change the background to plain green tonight

          Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.