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Loooove double ab's

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  • Loooove double ab's

    Ive seen swarovski ab coated coloured beads on a site, some double ab coated, but didnt want to spend £2+ for 50/100 just to have a luckily I was in a bead shop yesterday and they had some coated beads there, so I got the least amount I could of a few colours to look at and asked the lady helping me to let me know the names so I ne wwhat to buy in the future.Felt like i was there for ages scribbling names on a scrap of paper and putting it in the little bag.
    But I get to play wit them today.

    Anybody else using these coated beads?Care to share the names of suppliers?Ive only found bicones but would really like rounds.

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    Oh lovely Seahorse

    I love love love swarovski specially the ab's gorgeous twinkle! I use loads of them.

    I have been all over the internet for suppliers and my advise is if its cheap then its not swarovski. A lot of them are selling b grade and the drill hole is very visable.

    My last lot came from craft international and I was very happy with them(quality and price) both bicones and rounds so I will be using them in future.

    I hae seen some from Rainbow London online they are very cheap compared to others but not a great colour range. You could try them not sure that I want to spend the minium order to get them and not be happy.

    Also some of the ab coated chech (sp you know what i mean ) beads are lovely have used them with great effect.

    Happy beading hope to see some of your efforts soon



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      Thanks, il have a look at craft international.

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        Hi, Im not a jewellery maker but I use quite a lot of swarovski crystals on my handmade cards. The site I get my hotfix ones from have a range of beads and pendants, their prices for hotfix are very competative but as I dont buy beads as much I dont know how their prices compare.
        The address ***************(sorry dont think I can post urls yet) The service is pretty quick and they sell most thing in larger cheaper bulk packs.

        They are definiteley genuine ones because when Ive bought bulk packs they come in the manufacturers packaging with swarovski hologram etc.

        Best wishes

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          How annoying is this!I bought some Dorado beads because i wanted something goldish, checked the bag once I left the shop, must have felt as tho Id got eveything in the bag..then on the train I look again and the dorado beads arnt there, not even listed on the receipt!No idea what happened!!There was no hole in the bag.
          Very annoyed now.

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            hi. i use swarovski in a lot of my jewellery & usually buy on line from a site called the silver corperation. they have a reasonable selection & are really good quality-never had a problem. also jules gems they have a larger selection including limited edition swarovski.


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              Have a look at they have lots of stuff and very reasonable P+P. I've used them a lot and find them really good. Otherwise try Ebay, there are some very good sellers.

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