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How to get more sales ?

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  • How to get more sales ?

    I have had 5 orders in about a week and a half, but I would like some more.. do you have any tips/advice about getting more orders ?
    Oh and check out websites in signature too see what I could do.

    Joelleabelle Online Store

    Folksy Shop


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    I just had a look at the first website. It would be nice if you had a profile of yourself and maybe a picture.
    An FAQ section would be pretty useful as well!
    It would make the website more personal and saves you time by not having to answer some questions.

    I suggest you buy a book about online advertising. There are a lot of options for everyone's budget.
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      How to get more sales

      Hi Joelle

      I agree with JenBeads - you need more information. I couldn't see anywhere on your website info on posting - method and cost, how to pay, what is your returns policy etc. I also couldn't navigate back to "home" from your pages and got fed up looking and having to hit "back" button.

      Your jewellery and website is cute and I know it would attract my nieces - but they are not the ones with the credit card.

      Personally, and please don't take this wrong, I didn't like your over use of handmade, rare, and vintage. I think you should build on your strengths - "affordable, cute pieces for young girls" - "unusual charms" rather than rare or vintage - you may then start to attract the right customers.

      It does take a long time to get noticed so just keep on going and don't get disheartened.


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        I have just been on your site.

        i agree with the others, there is no information about you or or products.

        It wasn't until I put something in the basket and went to checkout that I discovered that you only use paypal.

        By law, if you are selling from a site you have to abide by distance selling regulations, with contact address, T&C, shipping info, refunds policy etc

        I would never by from any site that doesn't comply with these laws, I am afraid.

        Remember people buy from people

        otherwise a very nice site - tell your story
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          If you look at Big Cartel it shows lots of example websites, definitely worth going through and seeing how others set things up with regard to FAQs, postage etc.

          Ive been looking as thinking of using them myself.

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            I agree with the postage - in the end I had to ask on here how much you charged, I get really fed up when the postage rates aren't very clear


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              Adding some more info about the pieces themselves is the only thing i noticed, i didn't go all the way into the paypal thingie, explain materials used and maybe what sparked the idea etc.


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