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    This may be a dumb question, but there are so many different websites and shops out there it can be quite overwhelming for a newcomer...

    So far I've been comparing prices and tried to buy the cheapest findings I can. However I can really see that some of the cheaper end stuff is not great quality. Sharp headpins and really tacky looking silver plate etc. I've also recently bought some cheaper semi-precious stones (having discovered that I've paid quite a lot so far) - but again I can see that the quality's not great.

    In your experience, does cheaper always mean worse? Or are there some genuine bargains out there?

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    Overall, I think that it is better to go with more expensive quality materials. I save money by ordering in bulk or by looking at the various offers / sales items from websites where I know the quality is good. Also, once you have used a couple of sites you will be likely to receive e-mails with discounts or news of offers - so make the most of the discounts available if you can.

    Elmtree Charms


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      My favourite site for Swarovski crystals and semi precious gems is - very fast delivery and good quality items at a low price. They are the cheapest I have found for Swarkis at around 5p per 4mm bicone. Their freshwater pearls are gorgeous, really lustrous and I have bought garnet and quartz chips and beads and I use them in everything No, Im not on commission!!!

      I'd say dont skimp especially on earring findings because they need to be hygienic but you don't need to spend the earth. You can buy good quality plated findings at a low price - I have bought from quite a lot of suppliers since I started making jewellery but for wire I use jillybeads as they do non tarnish silver plated wire in a variety of thicknesses which is great for tiaras and wire work. I tend to buy my earrings and head pins etc from beadsunlimited and they have a good range of cheaper charms etc as well but I dont personally like their service in their bricks and mortar shop so it puts me off buying from them online as well - just my own preference. Mainly it's jillybeads for everything these days