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Beadsmith thing a ma jig

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  • Beadsmith thing a ma jig

    has anyone tried one? I saw one at my local shop and im interested in having a go but wanted to know if when i switch to silver wire if i would be able to use it with this.

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    I've got one & it works well with wire. I tend to manipulate the wire around by hand then give it a tug with pliers to tension before going onto the next bend.

    However I wouldn't bother buying a cheap one, the pegs wobble about after a while. Buy the best you can afford.

    Hope this helps


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      I have a plastic one and a metal one, and much prefer the metal one, I'm not so scared of breaking it.

      I only tend to use it if the pieces need to be uniform (like for earrings etc), if it's just simple wire shaping then I do it by hand, but I do like it, and find it very useful. I also do monst of the maniuplation wiht my fingers, but do pull it tight with pliers and have been known to lose the odd nail or two pushing the wire down the pins when it's a tight spot.

      made these with it


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        those are very pretty. I ordered one last night, the aluminium one. Im looking forward to getting my new toy.


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          I have one, but to be honest, I use mostly the homemade version my DH made for me with chopped off pegs of coathanger wire and holes drilled (with his bench drill) into a solid piece of old floorboard.... It's sturdier and I designed the pattern for the holes, so I got what I wanted!!!