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Urgent help - why is it blue!

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  • Urgent help - why is it blue!

    Why are my coopper book marks turning blue when i put them in liver of sulpher? I have 20 of them that i need done tonight for a weekend fair!! And instead of the lovely deep brown they are going blue!
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    Sounds like you've maybe produced copper sulphate (which is blue) as the liver of sulphur apparently contains Potassium sulphate. I can only do the science bit for you. I have no idea why you might need to add liver of sulphur to copper.

    Maybe you need to change your solution strength, temperature, time length of treatment, type of water you use (distilled or tap?). (sorry got all that from another website )
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      (The blue colour sounds rather nice!!)

      Have you used a different concentration of the Liver of Sulphur or done something different than before? I'm guessing that last time you used it you got the deep brown colour you mentioned.

      A colleague used liver of sulphur on some copper the other day and got some lovelely rainbow colours, but not specifically blue. Though you can use it to obtain a beautiful range of colours – gold, copper, purple, blue and blue-grey before the metal turns black. We have some information on our website about using liver of sulphur - this is the info we send out when people buy our liver of sulphur liquid.

      Hope you get it sorted in time for the fair!


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        I suspect your solution is a little too strong, or you are dipping them in too long. Copper turns really quicky.

        You can rub them with polishing cloths and bring it back to an antique copper colour, but its labourious and not always practical for some projects. So easier to avoid them going too dark in the first place.

        For antiquing copper, I have just a drop or two of LOS in a bowl of warm water and then dip the copper in and out instantly and then straight into cold water. It is way easier to work with a weaker solution and repeat that quick dip once or twice than to have it too strong and it go straight to that bluey-black colour.
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