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  • Sterling silver wire

    Hi there

    I'm new to jewellery making but absolutely loving it. So far I've mainly made cluster necklaces with semi precious stones/headpins/jump rings etc, but I'm interested in branching out into new ideas, learning new techniques and experimenting a bit.

    I recently saw some jewellery that seemed to have been made by wrapping beads onto various rings etc using very thin silver wire. I'd like to try something like this but don't really understand the sizing of the wire. It was much thinner than an average headpin. Any idea how this would be described?



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    The most common wire for this is soft/dead soft wire, 0.4mm and thinner. If you look at Palmers Metals, it will be under Wire>Silver Wire>Sterling Silver Round Wire Soft Condition. The first 3 gauges are most suitable for this type of wire wrapping.

    If you google Eni Oken, you'll find some free tutorials on itt
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      Hi Becky

      I'm not entirely sure of the style of jewellery you mean, but from what you have described I would have thought using a very fine sterling silver wire like this would work well - we do a wide range of diameter wires, but I think 0.3mm would be best for what you describe (0.3mm is much finer than the wire used for headpins) as it will be fine enough to go through most beads and is nice and flexible to wrap around the rings.

      We have some wire wrapping techniques shown with step by step instructions and step by step photographs on the jewellery making tips section of the Kernowcraft website. And if you are interested in learning more wire working techniques there is a very good book by Mark Lareau called All Wired Up, which will show you all the wire work techniques needed to create your own findings, earwires, clasps & all sorts of other decorative items like bead embellishments, pendants, necklets & bracelets. Its a great book as it you can create some amazing designs using only the most basic of tools and no soldering. Its been a best seller for sometime and I think its the best wire working book that I've seen - its had good reviews and feedback from other customers and colleagues too.

      Hope this helps!


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        Thanks both of you - that's just what I needed to know. I wonder if the person whose work I saw had been inspired by Eni Oken!

        I think I'm going to go for the very finest wire and see what I can come up with. Wish me luck!


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          you can get thin silver plate wire very cheaply to practice with from it's about £2 for over 100m, they also do lots of different colours too.

          Good luck with your makes and make sure you post pictures so we can all tell you how fab they are!

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