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Eck, pearls on men!?

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  • Eck, pearls on men!?

    Iv had a commision from this lady who has some pearls of her mothers and wants them made into various items for the family. She wants something for her son to wear at a wedding! As far as i am aware they are pearls on a necklace so have holes through them.

    Can anyone suggest anything with pearls for a man?
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    If all else fails, matching tiara to the brides would look lovely!
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      Euwwww, sorry I can't imagine it. Is this guy the groom / part of the wedding party or just attending a wedding?
      What about a pearl clip (thingie) for fixing the flower in the button hole?
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        I do a lot of pearl cufflinks for men, both for weddings and as pearl anniversary gifts.



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          that is a good idea! I couldnt work out how to turn pearls with holes in into cufflinks, other than mounting them on something, but youd still be able to see the hole..... (it makes sense in my head dont worry!)
          I like to make things - usually a mess!
          Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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            Tie pins
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              Tie slide. You could drill holes along the length of the slide and have the pearls hanging from them.


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                Originally posted by handcrafted View Post
                Can anyone suggest anything with pearls for a man?

                As other posters have said - possibly cufflinks. Maybe (just maybe) a tie clip - though I'm not really sure on that.

                Possibly a brooch pin which could be used to fasten a pocket-kerchief or similar.. I'm unconvinced that it's going to look great, though - in all honesty I wouldn't wear anything with pearls on.

                That probably isn't very helpful - sorry!!

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                  My first reaction was also how you going to do that, but the suggestions and the cufflinks are lovely. When my son went to his prom he wore a shirt that had studs that went through the front button holes, (like cufflinks but hinged at the back?) but they looked then like fancy buttons running down the front of his shirt. As it's a wedding you can get away with the men wearing something a bit out of character, I wouldn't think that the men would mind wearing a bit of bling either, simply because of the occasion! Also if the men are wearing cravats a pearl tie/hat pin would look gooorgeous
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                    Another vote for the cufflinks from me!

                    They are lovely, the ones George posted look fab!

                    Good luck with it!




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                      I think simple cufflinks like George's and a matching tie pin to go through the cravat if he's wearing one, that's if the guy's part of the wedding party though!

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                        Peacock pearls
                        i used these for a present for my exfiance i love them
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