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What glue to use for jewellery making

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  • What glue to use for jewellery making

    Hi, hope someone can help me with this...

    I have been using a 6mm Pendant Crimp Bail & Loop pinch bail on a 10mm Swarovski heart, and am a bit concerned that it doesn't meet in the middle when I close it. Is there a glue that I can use in the hole to get it to stay in one place and to secure it, but that won't damage the crystal?

    Many thanks


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    Hiya Gemma,

    I use E600 glue which is pretty strong. - Once you fix something into place you do have to leave it for about 24 hours before its totally secure.

    Its a pretty smelly glue and should be used in a well ventilated space.

    I'm not sure if it will damage the crystal or not. I can't imagine it would but its worth looking it up to see.

    If you're doing fiddly stuff with this glue I would recommend also using a cocktail stick for application as the glue tube isn't very accurate.

    I hope that helps!

    Lilly Tea
    Website: Tea Stained Jewellery. Cute, kitsch and unique.


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      Sounds good!

      Lilly, I'd not heard of E600 before, googled it, looks good! Thank you.

      I was going to say '2 part epoxy' is your friend; I use quick set, clear dry araldite all the time, just brilliant. Then I noticed that Wilkinson (I just love that shop!) do an own brand epoxy that is a third the price of araldite and every bit as good.

      For tricky spaces, I use G-S Hypo Cement. I understand that it's a member of the superglue family and as such, not recommended for sticking foil coated Swarovski (it can dissolve the coating).


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        Thank you for the replies, they have really helped and i will deffo look to see which is the best to use.

        I haven't heart of foil coated swarovski before, so i hope that mine are just normal crystals

        Also, with the 2 part epoxy, does it involve mixing, cos i haven't heard of it before?

        Thanks again,