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    Are there many people that still use clip on earrings ?

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    I think there are, I have quite a few friends who are total needle phobics so obviously can only wear clip ons - they still want to wear nice jewellry.

    Hope this helps.

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      I sell earrings. I make them all up as pierced as this is what sells mostly, however, I take my pliers and clips so that I can just swap them over.
      I don't charge extra for this service, and find that maybe 3 pairs a show get changed.
      I do have regulars though who bring me earring they've bought from shops (aaarrrggghhh!) I swap them over to clips and charge them for the privaledge.
      I also have an avon rep who sells their earrings to clients and then directs them to me for transfer to clips.
      I have also got some new clips converters for swapping post earrings to clip ons. They are selling really well because they are reusable so one pair of clips will allow you to use several post earrings. (seperatly of course!)
      They are only in stock in gold and are not on the web site yet so if anyones interested them Pm or email me.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.