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Missing items in order, company not replying!

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  • Missing items in order, company not replying!

    Hi all.

    I used a well known company mentioned quite a bit on this forum to order some beads, it was a large order and I have used them before.

    The thing is, last time I used them they forgot to put something in the order, I had to email them to get them to send it out to me seperately.

    This time, they have done the same thing again, I ordered 2 lots of some beads and they have only sent me 1 lot. I have been emailing them every day since it happened (last week!) but have not had any response to my emails, not one reply.

    I'm worried they think I'm trying to **** them because the exact same thing happened last time, they probably have it on my account that I claimed for a missing item last time so they obviously don't believe me and are just ignoring my emails.

    I know its not a really high value item, but I'm so annoyed they are blanking my emails to them, I don't know what else to do.

    What should I do now? This has really annoyed me because a) it is a company I use a lot, and b) they probably think I'm trying to get a freebie and c) I won't feel good about using them again.

    This is the second big bead company I've had customer service problems with in as many months, maybe I'm just fussy but this is not the way to foster good relations with potentially high spending clients (or ANY clients).

    I may just mention in my next email to them that I am a member of a large craft forum and that I will be mentioning my poor experience there!


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    Hi there...

    Send them an email giving them 14 days to respond- be polite and patient! The chances are they will respond to your emails given time. If you want a quicker reolution then call them and ask to speak to a manager. A word of advice though...whatever you do, don't flame them on a public forum- I know people who have been sued for doing this and most forum owners won't allow the naming and shaming of companies for this very reason.


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      I agree with everything Nickie says. Try phoning them. Please remember also that it may be your postal service. I heard there was a huge backlog somewhere in the country. Its not affecting everyone but you may just be unlucky enough to be in the area that is affected by last weeks postal strike
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        Hi Louise

        Poor you, what a bother! Do give them a chance to fix the problem though, as it could just be something as simple as they haven't received your emails, you could set your email settings to request a read receipt if you aren't sure if they are getting your emails. I would usually expect a reply to an email within a day or two at most, so as you haven't heard back from your emails, phone them and explain the problem to them. Don't go in all guns blazing with threats about putting things on the forum about them though, as it won't help your case and if it was an honest mistake is not very fair. Chances are that they will put things right - so give them a chance to do so before you write them off completely!

        It does seem strange that you haven't had a reply though, as even if they were looking into it you would think they might send a quick email to let you know they would get back to you soon.... Which is why I wonder if they got your emails to begin with - it is not professional to ignore emails and if someone at the company is ignoring them, they would probably like to know about it. Hopefully they are a good company and do care about customer service, if so they should be happy to speak to you on the phone and try and fix things for you - if I were you I would pick up the phone and see how it goes...

        Good luck! Hope you get things sorted out soon...


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          I agree with Hannah - there is every chance they are just not getting your emails maybe so don't automatically assume they are ignoring you and think you are making it all up. It could be that of course, but if it wasn't and there was a genuine hiccup occuring, it would be sad for both parties to assume the worst.

          I would try phoning them or writing snail mail to them. Just explain the issue again, explain you have been emailing and not receiving any reply. Let them have that one last chance to sort it out before you write them off. I am sure also how they handle that will give you an indication if you want to deal with them in future or not.

          Just as Hannah said, it could all be a very genuine communications error.

          As for threatening to "out" them on a forum - well that is entirely your choice of course! Personally speaking, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't think it would help either. If a customer tried to blackmail me in that way, they certainly wouldn't even get the chance to order from me again - I would take that decision from them!

          But there are other things you can do, in private, if you feel they are not taking your complaint seriously. You can talk to paypal / credit card company for example or report them to the trading standards if you feel they have not honoured the transaction.

          YOu are right to persue it though - if they have made an error in their order, they do need to sort it out. And I am sure most companies would be pleased to.

          I have the same issue with one of my main supplies actually - 9 out of 10 orders from them will have something missing that I have to report. I always have to remind myself that this is NOT my fault - but you can't help but feel guilty all the same, lol!

          Hope you get it sorted out. It sounds like emailing though won't result in much. So try phoning or writing first and hopefully they will sort it out.
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            I had a problem with an undelivered items. Many unanswered e-mails & calls later I contacted my local trading standards who gave me some great advice. I made a last ditch attempt to contact the company & managed to get through. They tried to flannel me but armed with the advice from trading standards & mentioning that I had spoken to them resulted in a refund within 10 mins.

            Good luck with your quest


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              If you do manage to speak to them personally, I would make a point of saying that the same thing happened last time you ordered from them so they don't try to use that against you (as if you are trying to get some freebies).

              I agree that I would let them know that you have had lots of problems contacting them and you simply don't have time to chase them up for their mistakes - give them the chance to sort it out and let them know that you will be taking your business elsewhere if it happens again as it simply takes too long for you to get them to rectify it. (Keep hold of your temper for now as it may be a genuine oversight - save that for a later date if needed!!)

              I assume there are other suppliers you can use without it costing you masses more... Make sure you have got all the facts together just incase they decide that they don't want to deal with you (I have seen it happen!!) as you don't suddenly want to find you can't get hold of your stock.

              Good luck - please let us know the outcome

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                My 2p as I'm on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

                I was receiving emails from a regular customer and replying, but she kept sending me the same email. I tried calling her a few times, got no reply, so I sent copies of all the emails by post. She called me promptly upon receipt. She simply hadn't received any of my emails! The internet doesn't always work like clockwork!

                I also have potential customers asking questions and inputting an erronated email address so when I reply, it bounces and I have no way of knowing what's wrong with their email address, can't follow it up and they probably think we ignored them.

                I know at this time of the year it can get busy and emails can be missed.

                I'd definitely give them a ring and ask if they've received your email, etc.

                Now if they don't answer the phone, maybe send a letter with copies of emails?

                However it really shouldn't get that far!!!
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                  Thanks for all the replies.

                  Just to clear something up...... I actually didn't say anything about the forum to the company at all - and certainly didn't threaten to 'out' them or attempt to blackmail them!
                  Anyway I probably wouldn't have named and shamed them anyway.
                  Although I don't see why one should not be able to pass on an experience of customer service (good or bad) - after all, I am only telling the truth of my experience with a company, it's up for others to decide if they want to use a company or not.
                  In my opinion it is unacceptable to take over two weeks to resolve a problem even if they are 'busy' - that's bad service, plain and simple.
                  Anyway, it's has finally been resolved after 2 weeks of waiting for a response.
                  Thanks for all the input.


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                    Oh I am glad it has been sorted out Louise.

                    Don't misunderstand me. I know you didn't do those things, and you were only posing it as a possible idea in your frustration at how to get the company to listen. I totally understand that.

                    I just said in my post that it wasn't probably a good idea to threaten the company in that way, just in case it was a genuine communications error.

                    There is nothing wrong at all with sharing your experiences online about different businesses. That is not the point I was trying to make at all.

                    I was just saying I generally don't agree when people threaten companies with that, as it doesn't always achieve a great deal. If a company doesn't fulfil their obligations, it is better to deal with the situation calmly and rationally and there are plenty of legitimate routes to take in sorting it out.

                    It is similar on ebay - where I think it is actually against their policy for buyers to threaten sellers with leaving negative feedback.

                    I wasn't saying that you HAD done that. Only that I didn't think it would be a good idea TO do it!

                    Sorry for any misunderstanding caused.

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