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    hi everyone, I'm new. I have been making jewellery for a few years and would really like to start selling jewellery online. I havedone a few craft fairs but am hoping that selling online would be more convenient and eventually more lucrative. Has anyone got any tips in this area? I have looked into website designers but ti didn't take me long to realise the prices are way beyond my means. Has anyone designed there own online shop? If so, how difficult was the process?

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    I'd be interested in this info too....

    Trying to sell on ebay at the moment....I'm not sure how successful that will be though....


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      Hi i built my own site without ANY experience and found it relatively easy, but very time-consuming. I used Frontpage, but I've heard others say Dreamweaver is better. you can get free webspace - try, they also offer web templates but not that nice I dont think!
      Finally, its not a case of having an online presence. you need to consider if you'll have an online shop. i use shopping basket and find it very straightforward. the main problem is getting traffic to your site - this can be expensive to get your name at the top of search engines. My advice to you is not to expect too much success from an online shop too soon. good luck with your venture.


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        I created my own website from scratch without any previous knowledge whatsoever. If you are seriously interested in creating your own one, let me know and i'll be more than happy to give you assistance / help.

        To see what i have done, feel free to click on the link in my signature below
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          Hi just to say that a few months ago I started my own website. It is on it is really easy and does not cost anything, there is also a paypal link so you can sell stuff on there. They have good templates etc as well. Some products cost money and I pay $2 a month for multiple file uploads and some other stuff.
          Also on that site they are really helpful with any problems or questions
          I have also heard or a thing called traffic blazer which submits you the engines like google, aol etc for $30 which is bout £15 i think for a year. I have not used it yet but seems a good deal.
          you can look at my site if you want, you can get your own domain name for about £10 a year, but I havent done that yet either. Hope this helps, you don't need a really expensive package to do it!


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            Thank you so much for your advice and I'm really impressed at the sites you have created and the jewellery you are selling! I run my "business" (I'm not sure it could quite be called that yet...) with a friend who is not keen on going online so hopefully your information will help to encourage her. At least you've given me some hope that it is a viable option for the future. Thank you!


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              I also started out with a freewebs website and found it really good if you don't have any prior knowledge.
              I now use instantestores as they are much more focused on creating a website to sell on.
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                I haven't had many sales through my website but I haven't really promoted it and you probably wouldn't find it unless you were looking specifically for my stuff!

                Using people like lycos etc isnt always an option if you want to sell your pieces, if you read the terms and conditions many have clauses forbidding the sale of goods and services unless you pay for a very expensive business type package. You could probably get away with it for a while but is it worth the risk? I bought space from and i think you get a free domain name with their home user package but you would need to use an ftp program like cute ftp to upload files to the server. I found a really good html tutorial site for kids which helped me to actually write the code.

                Hmm that was a bit longer than I planned and reading back sounds really complicated!
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                  selling jewellery online

                  My 19 yr old son was a big big help to me! The younger generation are so clued up on all things 'internet' So if you have a son/daughter, nephew/niece, or young neighbour it might be worth get ting help from them.


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                    the website i mentioned (for html help)was
                    its fairly easy to understand and you can copy and paste bits of code, thought it might help someone ?!?
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                      I do find it a problem getting the traffic to my site, I tend to try and promote my site on other websites but it can be time-consuming.

                      I am not sure how to add my site to search engines and don't want to spending out a whole heap of money on advertising if it isn't going to work.

                      I have got a few craft fairs booked from now until Christmas with the promise of more next year and this is the way that I make money and the more I do, hopefully it will spread the word around.

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                        Originally posted by Trinity
                        I do find it a problem getting the traffic to my site, I tend to try and promote my site on other websites but it can be time-consuming.
                        That's the point of the directory

                        The more people subscribe the bigger our advertising spend.. Simple as that..

                        One site that been listed has been sent just under 10,000 visitors in 2 years..

                        One thing with promoting your site is that you need to choose description of title of your site carefully ...

                        If the title of your site was "Beer" vs "Free beer here" which would you click on ?

                        Hope that helps..

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                          hi.. me n my friend also made our site from scratch.. actually doing it urself is not that difficult.. what u need is a webhosting, a domain name and a merchant account.. u only have to pay for only these 3 things which is not that expensive. when we started we paid less than Malaysian Ringgit 500 (i guess the U.K pound will be much cheaper as 1 Pound = RM6 more or less)..
                          most of the webhosting today has many security features and other application for webmasters that are easy to use.. u can view how many people enters ur site, how many hits per entry and monitor band width usage to ur site. as for merchant account u may want to use paypal but in our case we use these 2 doesn't cost u much as they only charge u per year..
                          u can design ur site using frontpage because it is the easiest software to use for designing websites..

                          hope i've helped u in a way or so... feel free to browse my site anytime..
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                            A lot of people on a forum I visit use to sell their jewelry and crafts. I am not positive but I think it gives you an online store free.


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                              Web Design

                              I have designed sucessfull websites in the past and would be happy to do one for you too. I can put together proposals for you to take a look at then you can choose your favourite, just graphical ones of course.

                              Unfortunatly I can only provide you with the look for your website as I cannot as yet built one - we had to out source a web designer to build the actual site, but I start a web design course next week and would be happy to use yours as my live project. (May take a little white though)

                              If you would rather, you could get someone else to build it for you as soon as you have the art work...

                              Have a think
                              hope I've explained myself clearly
                              Good Luck anyway