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  • how much is enough?

    Does anyone know how much stock you need to do a craft fair? I make jewellery in my spare time (beaded mostly) and I would like to sell most of it off to support my already out of control bead habit. :-)

    I have about 50+ pieces right now, but am constantly making more. I have some of it on ebay but would love to do a craft fiar. Also, do you have to be a self trader to do a craft fair, or just a regular person who likes to make stuff?

    Any info welcome!

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    Re: how much is enough?


    I had a quick look at your items. Lovely.

    You have put your feedback as 'private' despite having 100% positive. It might make prospective buyers wary of buying from you... I have someone bidding at the moment who has private feedback and I am not too pleased as I don't know if it's because she has had negative, etc... If there is no reason for this, change it! That's my opinion anyway...

    For a craft fair, it all depends how you display your jewellery. Some people have those cases that stand upright and they can hold quite a lot. But if you lay your jewellery flat on the table and put some pieces on a higher stand at the back of the stall, you may have enough. A good advice is to set up your stall at home on the average craft stall dimensions of 6ft by 2ft. This way, you can really estimate whether you will fill the table of not. It's not good only having it in your heard, as I found out at first!!!!! :lol:

    You can also set aside an area for you to 'work' It attracted quite a few people last time I did this! I even sold some Nymo thread that I hadn't put for sale!!!!

    Some craft fair organisers may disregard the fact you have liability insurance or not. The fact that you are or not registered self employed is more your problem than theirs! It's the insurance that would matter most, I think! Talk to the organiser about it.

    Hope this helps

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      I have found those mug trees you can buy are really great for displaying beaded bracelets as they are upright so makes your table look better and the bracelets arre not all mixed up in a box which looks untidy. I got mine from a Whittards outlet for bout £5, they are £10 in a normal shop!


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        Funnily enough I use mug trees too. I bought 2 chrome ones in the sale at Woolies - only £2 each!! bargain. Makes my bracelet displays look really professional.
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          Same here, mug trees. However I got my BF to make a stand for me with wood to hang necklaces for my last craft fair.

          Some jewellery stalls have their stuff lying on cloth or glass, especially if it's a 3 piece set (earring, bracelet, necklace).
          Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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            There is great comapny out there called Kalleidscope who sell display materials. I used to use them