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WANTED: Affordable Jewellery Making Party/Workshop/Class

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  • WANTED: Affordable Jewellery Making Party/Workshop/Class

    Hi All,

    It is my best friends 25th Birthday on the 24th September and she would like to learn how to make jewellery.

    I am looking for a home party/workshop or class in the midlands or warwickshire areas (we live in Coventry) for 3 or 4 adults, at an affordable price.

    The party can take place in the evenings of the 24th/25th Sept or any time over the weekend of the 26th/27th sept.

    If you know of anyone that runs a party/class/workshop i'd be most grateful for their contact details and prices- because I want my friend to have an extra special & fun birthday!

    Many thanks


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    Sorry I can t help as I am not from that area. But I thought I would reply cause its also my birthday on the 24th and I think that its a lovely idea for a birthday present. I would have loved it if someone had got me that as a present. Worst case scenario....there are loads of lovely beading and jewellery making books out there. Either you could buy some or borrow from the library, purchase some basic jewellery making items...there are lots of places out there on the internet that sell jewellery making starting kits, get a few bottles of wine and some nice things to eat and have fun reading and experimenting yourselves.
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      I'm in !

      i'm in Coventry, and I do parties and workshops, so can absolutely do that. I don't usually charge for parties at all - just for the things they buy and use - so a sliding scale.

      If there are only a few people, and you want to keep it that way, then I'd need to make a per head charge to make it worth my while.

      However, sounds like you want to keep costs down , so how about this - you invite some other people, friends/family etc for perhaps the first hour or so, for a Jewellery party in the traditional sense, and get 10 people, and then I'll teach you guys for free - just the cost of beads etc.

      I live in Allesley, so would be really easy for me. I'm doing a party on the 24th but can do 25th for you, that'd be really convenient for me.

      Have a look at my website and see if you like my stuff!


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      party, party, party, book a party before christmas, £25 of free jewellery if you get 10 guests..................and a lovely night!

      (feel free to do the rep points thingy!!)

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        Wow Cath...
        I may be messaging you for some tips when i start getting cross because I cant do something!

        This is my local bead shop

        mail order beads in Nottingham
        (cant post the url)

        I went on a workshop here about 11 years ago... and got addicted!