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Securing beaded necklaces

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  • Securing beaded necklaces

    What thread do you use when using heavy beads and how do you secure at the ends? ive made two necklaces and they have undone from the loop clasp please help a novice!! ive cheated and used tigertail but want to do them properly apprecaite any help

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    How did you try to secure the ends. I find Crimps are usually do the job well.


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      If beads are really heavy you will needed 49 strand stuff. I use 7 strand for most of my necklace and secure with crimps and crimp covers.

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        I have used both before and Crimping is usually the best way! If u use Crimps and Callottes. i find that if you put a crimp on (dont squash yet) then the callotte then another crimp, squash inside the callotte and thread the wire back throught the bottom of the callott (as normal) Then squeese closed and thread wire through the crimp then squeese the crimp (so crimp sits under closed callott) Hope i make sense!
        however some waxed thread/bead cord would also work well with a callott or gimp which is then knotted at the ends and for extra secure end thread though each bead and knott then again (Great if you have a gap at ends you want to close, u dont have to do this it depends on experience!) I used to do repairs in a bead shop so i've done hundreds! often i got huge heavy beads and depending on the hole of the beads decided on the thread!(sharp holes cut the thread!) x hope this helps!

        Good Luck
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          I used to do a lot of necklace repairs as well, and I'd agree with morgan, to double crimp. I did it in a slightly different way, but it gives you extra security.

          And, as pinklaces says, you really need 49strand for heavy necklaces, and if possible, if the hole in the bead is big enough, you can use two strands.
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