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Sterling Silver Oxidisation

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  • Sterling Silver Oxidisation

    I was just wondering how people carry out oxidisation on sterling silver jewellery - do you oxidise all of the components separaelty before making the item, do you buy pre-oxidised findings or do you do it when the item is finished?
    If you do the latter, does liver of sulphur damage gems/stones etc? But it its the first choice, doesn't the oxidised layer scratch off when you work with it?
    I'm confused!

    Also, how to you add an 'antique' effect to brass?

    Thanks for any help

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    I oxidise masses of stuff, both with LoS and Platinol.

    I tend to oxidise finished pieces, simply to ensure a uniform finish and for the polish back to work for the piece, however there are some components (especially chain) which are sometimes better done first.

    I happily dip glass and most gemstones (not porous ones or pearls). For things that need protecting, just apply the solution with a paintbrush rather than dipping.

    There are lots of ways of ageing brass, ranging from ammonia vapour (place item in a sealed bag or box with an ammonia soaked rag ensuring it doesn't touch), vinegar, salt water, mineral oil (brass needs to be warmed first), various chemicals, or commercial patinating solutions. You need to be very sure it's brass before embarking on some of these, as there could be unexpected reactions with other metals!


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      I oxidise then polish back finished pieces. I then set stones after everything is polished and ready to go.