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Did my first jewellery party last night

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  • Did my first jewellery party last night

    It didn't go too bad, there was about 8 people there and I made £47 and £12 in orders. Not much to some I know but my items range from £1 to £15 so didn't do bad. A lot of people were commenting that the items I was selling were very cheap so not sure wether to stick prices up a bit. I did a couple of games which I found on the net and gave the winners a pair of beaded earrings each which everyone seemed to enjoy and kind of got everyone talking a bit. There were only 2 people who didn't actually buy anything and everyone commented how they couldn't beleive I had made it all. It also gave me a taste of the kind of things people go for too.

    Could someone look at my website prices and tell me what they think?

    There are also a few things on flickr starting here and think some of them maybe quite cheap - sold the angel necklace for £7 and someone else wants one making and now wondering if I will actually make a profit on it but have agreed a price now anyway please take a look.[email protected]/3820004737/

    prices for items on flickr were

    Star earrings £3 a pair (both sold)
    True love set £12 (not sold)
    Pearlescent and swarovski necklace £7 (sold)
    Cha cha ring £4 (not sold)
    Blue and swarovski necklace £6 (sold)
    Angel necklace £7 (sold)
    Angel bookmark £4 (not sold)

    Thanks for any help.

    Sam xx
    Please take a look at my site and give opinions

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    Hi there

    Really great that you enjoyed your first jewellery party - I think they are a fab way to sell your jewellery.

    I looked at your jewellery without first looking at your prices (so that i would not be influenced in any way). My favourite piece was the Cha Cha ring - i love rings - especially if they have movement. I would have been very happy to pay £5 - £6 pounds.

    So going on that i would say that you are very safe to increase your prices by at least 25%.

    i hope that is some sort of help.

    Good luck with future parties
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      Hi Sam, if your target market are saying they would be prepared to pay more I think it would be safe to do so. How have you priced your items? There are a few threads here with tips on what you should consider when pricing your items for sale, they may be helpful to you.

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        Hi pinklaces,

        Well done on your first party - that's not bad sales wise, espeically for this time of year

        Looking at your designs, and your prices I would say that you are underpricing, especially on some of your necklaces. If customers are making 'ooh this is cheap' noises, then you know it's time to put them up

        For example, your Swarovski & blue necklace, I would have priced at about £12 - £15 at least, bearing in mind that you have used genuine Sawrovski and not just faceted glass. Also, the true love set I would happily pay double what you are asking.

        Sometimes, if prices are too low, people get the wrong impression, and some can think 'well they might not be genuine' or that they could be hastily/sloppily made (not saying that's the case, but that could be what some customers might think).

        Rings are a difficult one to price, because they take a disproportionate amount of time for what they are. I sell mine at £8 - £12 - bear in mind they are £12 ish in places like accessorize!!

        Your earrings I think are about right, you could maybe put them up by 50p - £1 depending on the design. earrings are a good 'cost coverer' for fairs - I have a folding display of loads of fairly simple earrings at £3.50 a pair or 3 pairs for £9 - they quite often cover my table costs for me Then I have a few more 'complicated' earrings seperately at £5 - £7 ish a pair.

        hope that helps.

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          Sounds as though you had a good night! Once you sart doing these things your reputation becomes general knowledge, so I am sure it will be the first of many.I had a good browse through your Flickr, you have some great things there!
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            You could quite easily double your prices, you need to be charging for your time too. Charging just £3/4 pound for things, you're only covering what you paid for the beads and p&p....there's no profit at all.
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              I agree with the other posts - I think you should consider increasing your prices. Your jewellery is lovely and I am sure people would happily pay more.
              Well done on the party.
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                i thought your jewellery was lovely, you probably should increase your prices a bit , but you know your customers and what they will be willing or able to pay.
                maybe you just need a bit more confidence in your abilitiy , sounds like your customers do as they think your prices are cheap


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                  Thanks to all for the replies, a lot of you made some very valid points. Think I was just scared of over pricing and people being scared off but a lot of people were very surprised at the prices and after going through some of the stuff I've realised I probably will not make profit on some of the items if I don't increase prices.

                  Sam xx
                  Please take a look at my site and give opinions


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                    Your work is lovely and really worth a lot more.
                    Best wishes



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                      I agree with everyone else, your prices are too low for the lovely work you are making and selling.

                      I think lots of people worry about pricing their work too high - its a natural enough worry. But it can be just as bad an image to project to price your work too low also.

                      You are making lovely peices, with some nice components, so you should charge a bit more I think.

                      Just think of it this way - if so many people were already telling you at the party that you prices were too low, that means they would all have happily paid more for their purchases!

                      Congratulations on the party - I am sure the next ones will be even better.
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