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  • design problem

    I hope someone can inspire me. I've been very lucky to be asked to make the wedding jewellery for a top model. She wants gold wire...a contemporary design which is pretty much sorted already but she wants cream freshwater pearls on the end of each strand of wire in the design....for daytime and evening earrings, necklace, bracelet, hair comb. now my problem is how to get half drilled pearls to stay on the end of a piece of wire, cement might show, ..I could use drilled pearls and curl the wire at the end but think this might look too messy..... ...any ideas or gems of inspiration, lol?
    Jan M

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    The key to this is matching wire size to pearl hole size. it will basically come down to trial and error and your best bet is to experiment with different glues, wires etc. try them out so that you can be confident especially eith such a client!
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      design problem,

      thanks, yes we are using a cordless electric bead reamer to enlarge the pearl holes, and filing down the end of the wire to fit, but wonder what cement, glue, method to ensure 150% they don't come off and that no residue will show.....
      Jan m


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        There is no guarantee at all! e600 hypo cement is my top recommenndation. it's a clear glue, strong, but no glue is totally foolproof.
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I find E6000's too thick for this sort of thing, and would stick to something like beadfix (which is like a superglue). Make sure the wire is very clean and lightly keyed to help, and try to resist the tempation to 'test' them for a good four hours - longer if possible


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            I would use devcon 5 minute epoxy it is incredibly strong, just mix a dollop of each part (you can also give it a quick flash of heat to make it runnier and easier to mix) then use a pointy toothpick or similar to apply it. Also use a file to make a few grooves in the end of the wire to help the glue grab onto it, and they should stay firmly glued on. It is a very reliable strong glue. We've done some tests lately in the workshop here and it still comes out as the favourite.

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