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Which earwires are best/most popular?

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  • Which earwires are best/most popular?


    I was just wondering what type of earwires people think sell best or are most popular with people who wear earrings? I sell all my earrings with kidney earwires as they give a bit of extra security than just the plain fishook-type. I do realise it's a bit hypocritical though because I actually find them too fidly and prefer fishooks myself .

    I also offer to change all my earrings to clip-ons so I suppose I could offer a choice for each pair but it could all get a bit complicated...

    I'd be interested to hear what people think.


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    I love your website. Is that Mr Site Pro? I was thinking of upgrading to Pro as i am on standard at the moment.

    As for your question, well I think hooks and studs are the most popular. I dont like the kidney wires so dont use them. Its nice to have a variation but i like to hand make my hook wires for most things or buy in hooks or studs for a change.
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      Definitely fishooks. I stopped selling kidneys as there was such little demand for them, although I'd keep a few in stock in case anyone asked for them. You can get little plastic tube backs to make them more secure, like they sell them in many shops.

      I think your website is great too, very clear and just "arty" enough, ifswim.
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        Thanks all.

        This confirms what I thought then. I think I ought to use fishook or at least give that option as I think it probably is putting people off at the moment.

        Yes it is MrSite Pro. It is good but I'm thinking of re-doing it and putting in my own Paypal buttons and things because the mrsite shop layout is quite restrictive. I'll see when I get round to it...


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          My favourites are the leverback ones but Ive only seen them on etsy- I havent bought any as I dont know how comfortable and lightwearing they would be, perhaps jewellery clients/customers assume the same.

          I think the long kidney wires look very elegant, but the short thin ones can look scratchy.

          Silver plated fishooks with the ball after a while can tend to look very grey and distracting from the beads/pendants. I think these are the most common and people often buy what they are used to.
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            personally i am a kidney wire fan! but most people find them too fiddly

            I am mostly asked for stud posts which i dont like as I dont think the earring hangs right from them, not enough dangle!


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              I personally use the fish hook type but a few people say they dont feel that secure. The idea of purchasing the plastic tubes/backs seems like a good option
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                Definitely the fish-hook style rather than kidney wire.

                I sell large over-sized kidney wires in copper finishes, and they are popular. But I don't even carry the smaller sized kidney wires and I don't think I have ever been asked for them either.

                When I used to sell alot of jewellery, I found customers didn't really like the look of the little kidney wires either.
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                  Long fishhooks, but not the sort with a flattened bit near the top - I find the flat bit makes my ears sore. I also offer screw and clip on as an alternative (I take a small tool kit and do them on the spot if people want them).
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                    ear wires

                    Hi, definitely fish hooks but mid length, some of the really long ones dig in your neck. if using sterling try making your own with the earring wig jig, from 0.8mm wire...much cheaper than buying and you can keep the design as simple as you want, ...I like the fish hooks with the silver ball and try to echo that ball in the earring, but have come to hate those with the fine wrapped wire.....too commonplace...... for more expensive gemstones I have been asked to supply in French for extra security.

                    I too hate kidney wires, had a pair on yesterday (a gift from someone else!) and could only remove them by looking in the mirorr and they really hurt my lobes. am off to adapt them now.
                    I always take screw back and clip ons to sales and adapt when needed as the customer waits, takes a minute max, ...goes down really well.....and I always drop in a pair of the nylon backs in each sale of fish hooks, add-ons can cost little but do so much good!
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