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Large, heavy gemstone beads?!?

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  • Large, heavy gemstone beads?!?

    I purchased a number of semi-precious gemstone beads in a sale recently and have been able to use most of the smaller ones. However now I am really stuck cause I have a number of large heavy ones left and just don't know what to do with them.There are some round marble ones and very large tube ones 13x20mm. Any ideas would be great.

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    I bought some huge turquoise nuggets in the same sale. They are far too heavy to use in one necklace so I just used 3 of them strung with other beads and I have already sold one necklace with them.
    You could do the same as me and use either 3 or 5 of them in the centre of a necklace with smaller matching or contrasting beads each side, or use one as a pendant and one each side on the necklace in a Y shape.
    If you do wire wrapping you could also make one into a pendant on a thong.
    After being left with several strings of beads in the past with nothing that matches I now try and buy some smaller beads at the same time.



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      Think it doesn't help there is sooooooo many of them, cause I just bought whatever was cheap lol may have to ebay a few of them!
      Please take a look at my site and give opinions


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        I do some necklaces with about three inches of rock crystal chips.then a lump of whatever (agate, turquoise, moss agate, whatever else was in the last sale i saw...), repeat until long enough. I do both long versions (9 repeats) and short ones (long ones don't need a clasp). And you can mix things.

        Just been out in the garden taking photographs, so I should have some to post soon. (There is an example in my album - in rock crystal and turquiose - but it isn't a great picture!)
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          large nuggets

          Hi, you seem to be describing the exact beads I spend ages looking for? Can you send me an email pic, I might be able to take them off your hands. otherwise, hey ho it's another trip to Cairo to buy some!!
          Jan Miller
          [email protected]