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    I'm struggling once again with bling rings and I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone that sells/makes large, silver-plated ring blanks with at least 3 loops on the top, preferably more?

    I've bought these but the salon where I sell my jewellery say they pinch too much and I guess they are quite small. Other places do sell them but they seem to all be the same size.

    I've been making my own but they take me so long that they drastically reduce any profit and I worry they're not uniform enough (particularly as they're intended to be bought by brides for their wedding day).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Does anyone make jewellery bases themselves who could supply me with them perhaps?

    A Despairing Lorna x
    Lorna x - I've finally ventured into the world of blogging!

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    I'm still struggling with this problem if anyone can help? It's been on my mind for way too long now...
    Lorna x - I've finally ventured into the world of blogging!


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      Hi Lorna

      I actually ordered some of these today from various ebay shops, they had silver and silver plated and various loops, 1-9 i think there were.

      they were adjustable - i can't get into my ebay account to see which seller but if you put in adjustable silver ring in the search thing it'll get you there.

      off to have a nose at your rings - i made my first ever few last night - took them to work to get an opinion and surprised myself by selling them all!!


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      party, party, party, book a party before christmas, £25 of free jewellery if you get 10 guests..................and a lovely night!

      (feel free to do the rep points thingy!!)

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        Thanks so much for your reply, I've fallen out with e-bay lately but I'm willing to give it another go! Do you have problems with the adjustable rings pinching?

        I've just looked on ebay and can only really find the ones with one loop which I know are bigger because I've bought them before but in the past I haven't been able to get on with them because I can make the beads sit right on one loop for some reason. I tried jump rings and allsorts to try to make it work and I keep wondering if I'm missing an easy solution...
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        Lorna x - I've finally ventured into the world of blogging!


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          We have a few loop rings...

          These are all sterling silver though... The SR131 is a decent size and is adjustable but doesn't pinch, or we had the SR117 made especially for us to our design, as we couldn't find a ring that was nice enough quality in a solid ring, although these are not adjustable, we will size them to your specification in our workshop, so you could just order a few different sizes in the most popular sizes for your customers.

          Best wishes


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