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    I keep losing the passion to make jewellery

    Without sounding snooty, it seems like everyone anyone can make jewellery,and people who dont make jewekllery think it's not a challegnge
    well it is a challenge! But then you need passion. Thats not meaning that jewellery is on different levels, just thqt it needs a bit of originality or querkiness. If you dont have an intention of what to make for jewellery you look in magazines, and i have tried this but still not inspired

    Another thing, i feel like i can't get criticism for my jewellery, i want criticism to know where im going wrong. not open and publicly but atleast honesty.

    I dont want to just make any old braclet i want to make something really nice. And what does reaaaaaaally nice require?!!

    The nice bits- getting kind comments when the person doesnt know you've made it!

    swaps, giving away beads youve spent a lot on but didnt use, getting something unusual to work with.

    I suppose wearing coordinating jewellery!

    Don't know if anyone else feels like jewellery critique is just 'too soft' or 'too harsh'.
    i wouldnt dream of criticisng anyones work, and i assume when people are happy with their work they dont want comments, so other people must think that too.
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    Oh dear, you do sound fed up. I wouldn't know where to start making jewelry but I love looking at what you all make and the one thing that strikes me is how different everyones designs are. You are so individual. Some I love and some I don't but thats not because they are not good, its just my taste (or lack of it). I have had a look at your album and you have some very pretty pieces in there. I think you have lost your confidence not your passion and thats a shame. Remember, you do it for your own pleasure as well as other peoples.
    I will leave any constructive critique to those who have considerably more knowledge than me. I like them.
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      I sort of know where you're coming from. Sometimes I lsoe the passion and my beads sit unused for days, weeks or months at a time, then inspiration and passion strikes.

      I welcome constructive criticism only. If someone says "I don't like that", i dont bother to find out why as it's their personal preference. If someone says "why not try making it in these colours?" then Ill take it on board and give it a go. Most people seem scared to give me constructive criticism and if people don't know I make jewellery, I never get comments but as all my friends know, they actively look for whats I might be wearing thats new and I usually get a comment on it. Whether thats a great comment or a good comment, its still valuable feedback. As I said, not many people give me negative feedback and if they cant turn the negative into constructive, I dont tend to listen.

      If I am having problems finding inspiration, I go and have abrowse in a fashion mag or bridal mag - I find a dress or outfit I like and make something which in my mind I would team with it. even if i dont make it, it usually kickstarts my passion again. It took me a while to acknowledge that I do have "cycles" of my hobbies that hold my interest so I have learnt to work around it.


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        I find it difficult to give constructive criticism as if something's not in the style I like, a few tweeks aren't going to make it into something I will like. I only ever comment on things I do like. We all have different tastes in jewellery and I certainly don't expect everyone to like my style, though I have enough confidence to know that some people do. I think that's really the crux of the matter, having confidence in your own work.
        Best wishes


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          On a forum I was once involved with, we had a surefire method for constructive criticism.

          The poster would show a photo of the work they wanted evaluating and reponders had to post 3 things they would change and 3 things they would keep.

          It was a good way of balancing out any negatives with positives. It also showed just how varied people's tastes are anyway. More than once things appearing in the "change" column for one response would show up in the "keep" column for another person.

          Ultimately the tool was useful though - because it worked as a focus for the person making the work. Ultimately all the different opinions did help the creator to re-evaluate what SHE liked and disliked about the piece. And that was where the developments came I think.

          Because you can run around like a headless chicken trying to create stuff that is really great in other people's eyes. And it won't work, because everyone has different eyes. The only thing you can do is to keep on pushing to make yourself like your work more and more, and ultimately create for your own passion. I think then, that shines through the work and the right audience will find and fall in love with it.

          But other's peoples comments, as varied as they are, provide a fantastic focusing lens for this process.

          And certainly if you get the odd thing that ends up in everyone's change or keep column, that can jump out as a big red flag either way of course.
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            I go through phases.At the moment the idea of making jewellery I thought Id make forever doesnt appeal to me.I see knew styles and materials I can use and I go off and make things with those bits, leaving all my old ideas and beads behind.
            There will always be people who like your work so dont let any nasty comments get you down.


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              I hope you get your passion back soon Renata, I've just had another look at your jewellery and there are some gorgeous pieces in there. Some are not my taste in colour combinations or are too big for what I personally would wear but as ejralph pointed out, you can't please all the people all the time! Also anyone can see that you make jewellery, others may have a go and put something together - no names 'cos I'm only talking generally here - but that is the difference. People will see that difference On the same subject, something simple can be beautiful too so brilliant and beautiful doesn't have to mean a complicated construction. I've had a go of making a charm bracelet...I'm still working on it a couple of months later!!! Making the charms and getting those loops right is darn tricky so i appreciate all the work, thought and patience that goes into each piece. Keep creating Renata
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                Hi Renata,

                Please don't feel disheartened about your losing your passion for making jewellery, I have seen your work and they are beautiful, off course there are people who have different tastes in which style they would like but it was you who made them unique.

                I too sometimes lose confidence in making my jewellery and think if it is worth it at all but then I should not lose my confidence and still keep going for it.



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                  Hi Renata, I hope you get back to your passion soon, we all have periods in our lives when life just gets in the way of creativity!

                  When I first start making 20 years ago I tried to please EVERYONE! big mistake. you cannot do it. there are so many styles, ages, budgets involved. you cannot be everything to everyone. look for a niche market:.... teenagers with ever changing trends (not for me) / brides with modern or traditional designs (very busy market but if you can get local trade and team up with the gown shops then ideal) / the silver market..over 50's, those ladies who have (allegedly) more disposable income, look for quality and have great taste (my age group!!)

                  So in the last 20 years I have experimented, and waited for positive responses in the shape of orders. when none came I realised that particular line wasn't going to sell or it was too similar to the cheap imports we all have to battle against. so I broke down the pieces and re-cycled the components! only my time was wasted.

                  More recently I started making what I liked, rather than what I thought other people would like. yes, arrogant maybe but there's no point spending all your time making something you don't love.!! so now I try to make what I like, unless it's a commission, and cross my fingers it will meet approval. I've sold more than ever before, maybe because I use semi-precious stones and put love into every piece then the stones hold that love?

                  I've also realsied there's no point making something for which the materials are hard to find, or are too costly.... so research was key, took ages but an excel spreadsheet eventually sorted the suppliers and prices for me. As to critique, my 29 year old daughter and nieces keep my feet on the ground, all honest critics and constructive comments. But I love the idea of being able to post a design and ask for honest feedback....I did that when I was writing a novel, submitted a chapter here and there and other more successful (published!) author's gave honest critique.
                  How can we organise this for jewellery?!!
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                    Hi everyone

                    Ive decided to put jewellery aside for the mo cos I am v busy, and theres no point forcing! theres only a few types of jewellery i like, i dont have any demand at the moment and alreayd have 'enough' jewellery for myself, so it can wait til christmas!!

                    for my birthday my bestfriend bought me a pair of amazing expensive shoes and paid for my trainticket home, and said i shouldnt feel guilty because she loves the jewellery i have given her over the past year. I gave her jewellery cos i like her and i think it will look nice. Another girl spent lots of money on me, and i feel guilty today so i plan to make her a really nice set, but im not too clued up on african/hippy/surfer style jewellery so will require a good think!!

                    Some people don't appreciate jewellery much so freebies are like whoopsies, but i love surprises and often wht you put in you get back and more. its nice to surpise people
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