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Fimo Pebbles?

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  • Fimo Pebbles?

    I have a book that shows pebbles made from Fimo, but it doesn't say how to make them does any one have an idea. Please.

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    Without seeing the pebbles in question, it would be hard to say.
    BUT.. I can think of many ways you could make realistic looking pebbles from Fimo if you wanted.

    For instance, you could try using Translucent fimo clay and adding things like grit, herbs - all sorts of stuff to create granite-like look clay. Or actually, you could cheat and just buy some of the granite or marble effect Fimo.

    Shaping them could be easily done in the palms of your hands - just go for random flat shapes and smooth them a little. Or take a mould from real pebbles maybe?

    If you want to make the pebbles that have the white line of quartz-ey stuff running through the dark grey rock, that can look pretty effective. Just blend up some grey Fimo to suit - add some inclusions if you wish. Then mix up some translucent, again with inclusions if you want such as ground pepper, dirt or whatever.

    Roll a ball of the grey clay and cut it in half where you want the streak of quartz to appear. Roll a thick later of the translucent and cut a shape to fit in the cut area of the grey and sort of make a sandwich of the grey and trans. Roll smooth again and shape then bake. Once baked, sand and buff or varnish to bring out the colours and translucently
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