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  • I am being featured

    The Princes Trust are going to do an article on me and my business I had a phone interview today. It was wierd. It will be featured in the PSYBT news letter and the Evening News paper (local Edinburgh one).

    My problem is that i have not updated my website in months and have been taking a break from it a bit. Now they are going to be looking at my website and directing people there. Plus my blog which iv not written in in yonks!!!! Il need to get it all sorted by the end August as thats when the article is out.

    I dont want to look unprofessional but i just dont have time to keep updating my website with photos of new stock as i find working full time and doing the business just too much. I have just htis week started a new job with rubbish hours and am thinking of quitting already. Its 8.15 to 11.30 then 2 hour break and work again 1.30 to 7pm. Split shift. But i dont know what else to do. Its quite stressful work too. Receptionist at a vets.

    I blagged my way through the phone interview for the article and felt a fraud as i just havnt done much with my busines lately. They are even sending a proffesional photographer to take photos of me and my jewellery!!

    I have a fair this weekend, the last lined up for a long while, and im not prepared.

    I just cant work full time and run this business, yet p/t and the business isnt enough either.
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    if they want to feature you, they must like your work and your website musnt they?? dont worry about changing it for now, just try end enjoy being featured xx


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      Can you not aim to spend 30min each evening updating the blog and website? Just a new picture and a short sentence for the blog, doesn't have to be a novel. The website you can always do in one big go towards the publishing date.

      Hopefully you will get lots of visitors and sales. Don't get too stressed about it, I would enjoy the limelight

      Congrats btw.
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