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Help needed for a burlesque choker

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  • Help needed for a burlesque choker

    I've been requested to make a burlesque style choker using black beads its not my usual style but I'm willing to try I've seen a few chokers where the beads are shaped in circle patterns for the choker with chandeliers hanging from the front my problem is I don't know how to make the circles does anyone know where I can find a pattern to do this type of work as I think it looks lovely and I'm always eager to extend my styles.

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    take a legnth of beading wire make sure it is long. put on a lobster clasp. allow it to go into the middle and then add a crimp over both strands. crush.
    You now have two legnths of equal length wire. place the same number of crystals onto each strand and then add one more to one side.
    take the other wire and thread in the oposite through the same crystal and then repeat. By varying the number of crystals you can vary the pattern acheived.

    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      Sorry it took me so long to reply but my computer has been down and it took my hubbie awhile to get it fixed I'd just like to thank you for your advice I found it really easy to understand and my choker was great not wanting to brag and my customer was over the moon with it, she's going out on her 30th birthday dressed up in the burlesque style corset and everything so I hope she has a good time and gets lots of admiring questions about the choker.