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    I am not sure if I am allowed to post this on here, so I hope I dont get into trouble, really not my intention.

    I have had a big clearout in my studio and have put a large job lots of findings, inc. earrings, clasps, callottes, beads, elastic, sliders etc etc on ebay.

    Not sure if this lot is any interest to any one on here - the item number is 330344237246 if you want to take a look - starting bid £15.00 - there is over £50+ worth of bits in the lot

    Great if you are starting off or just want to add to your current collection of bits and pieces. I have so much stuff that it's just a waste being kept in pots when someone could be using them.

    Clare x
    Handmade Tiaras & Jewellery For All Occasions

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    Can I just say, you as a seller are responsible for getting the goods to the buyer, and some people will pounce on you for having that comment about not being responsible for losses in your listing, if you don't have proof of delivery then all it needs is for someone to say it didnt arrive and you will have to refund. Also you can no longer give negative feedback to buyers. Not having a go, just don't want you getting grief from anyone.

    Good luck with the sale