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    Hi All

    I wonder if someone can help me please. I have been asked by several shops lately if they can stock my fashion jewellery.

    I have sold my products on-line myself now for over 4 years and its always be good for me.

    I am now keen to get my collections in shops but have no idea on where to start???

    I have put my bridal jewellery into shops but its a total different ball game than fashon jewellery - my bridal pieces are made to order, so the shops have a wholesale price and they mark up as to what they see fit - (I work under a different name for my bridal handmade wholesale items than my retail online shop)

    For my fashion jewellery I am really not sure where to start.

    Do I get them to buy stock?
    Do I put the pieces in FOC and let them sell them for me?
    How to do I price?
    Do I give them a wholesale price - work on commission?
    My items are all badged with my compay name - do I keep this on or let the shops brand them?

    If they are keep my branding what do I do about prices as I have a website, do I give them a cut off what I make?

    Does anyone on the forum supply shops - if so could you please give me some advice? I would be ever so grateful. I am keen to get cracking but really not sure what the best possible route to take it.

    Doing the fashion side is a different ball game - where I live for some unknown reason the ladies here are not that girly and not into jewellery so I had to keep prices low to encourage them to buy.

    Any tips, advice would be gratefully received

    Thank you

    Handmade Tiaras & Jewellery For All Occasions

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    Could you do a separate set of designs for the shops, so they could charge more?
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      I sell my soaps etc to shops but I also have my own gift shop. We buy jewellery from a local maker and it seems to work for both. She brings her products in about once a month and we buy (& pay)some or she makes them and delivers them in a few days. She gets her money, we dont get 30 days credit.

      We do not rebrand them as I promote that they are individual pieces handmade by local artist, and we sell them at a mark up of approx x 2 (would be 2.3 if VAT added). This is a normal markup. We are a little bit flexible but are not really interested in any items that fall far below that.
      After a month she will come into the store and we can do the whole thing again. She is very good in that she will take things back that I dont think are going to sell and swap them for other items. I have never asked her for money back.

      This seems to work for both of us in that she is not doing sale or return in the traditional way ie that she only gets paid for items that sell. I think that most shops LOVE sale or return bcos they have no responsibility, no outlay & not much sales incentive. It is also a prob if anything goes missing. She replaces any thing broken and I am responsible for security.

      Whatever you do write down a list of conditions of business b4 going in. It is very frustrating to have someone who you want to buy from but hasnt a clue on pricing etc. Try to be flexible ie agreeing on returns of items that are not selling after 2 months but dont let them run your business for you.

      Dont let them rebrand things and then return them. Try not to let them rebrand at all-y would they? you can have web site info on ure label. My maker has 1 item (complicated charm bracelet) that I display and she makes to order. she takes £25 and I sell for £50. Most buyers want to take purchasers immediately not wait for it to be made & I think partic so in fashion jewellery.

      Dont make any accomodation on your web site but maybe make different items so buyers cant get from both site and shop.

      good luck-hope this helps-ask if u need more. I can PM u with T&C of business if u like but it is for soap etc so NO RETURNS-ha ha
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        I have been selling jewellery and tiaras from local shops on a commission basis for nearly 3 years now and it works well for me.

        I have placed my own cabinet in 2 beauty salons and 1 bridal shop. I stock the cabinets every 6-8 weeks with new items and we both sign a stock inventory on each visit which includes a count of all tiaras, jewellery, display items and packaging. At the bottom of the inventory are the conditions agreed by myself and the owner e.g. all unsold jewellery belongs to me, 85% of each sale is paid to me and 15% commission is payable to owner for each sale. I also have my own insurance for all my products.

        I price and label my own products and also place leaflets advertising my website in the shops. They write out one of my reciepts for each sale made and they also complete a sales sheet. I give each member of staff 10% of their sales total for each period as a discount on my jewellery. They sell more when they are wearing it.

        I provided each of the shops with a seperate cash tin for my sales and on each visit I collect the money and give the owner 15% commission on the total sales. One of the shops has all the sheets and balance worked out all ready for me when I arrive which is great, I just have to check it.

        When I price my jewellery for my site, my market stall or the shops I take into account the commission and price accordingly. This also allows me to be flexible with my prices when I sell my own products at the market, e.g discount sales or customers who like to haggle.

        Hope this helps a bit.


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          I've never got anywhere seling my stuff through someone else but my friend took a big leap of faith when I was starting up.
          She gave me a load of stuff sale or return. I've never had to return any of the small, child orientated, items. I have returned a few of the large, expensive items. Obviously I'm more of a Woolworths than a Harrods.

          She took 2/3rds of the takings and I kept 1/3rd. Eventually I built up enough money in the bank and now buy all the small items outright. (Saves on hours of stock taking and maths!)

          She says I'm her best customer. Our thinking was she can only be at one fair at a time whereas between us we can do two at a time.

          It's very hit and miss, though. I tried it with another friend. Her stuff was better quality, cost £1 more and it was just a pound too far. Her stuff didn't sell. Funnily enough she can sell her things because they are at the cheap end of her range. I can't because they seem expensive next to the rest of my stuff. There are lessons in there somewhere....

          Best of luck