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Have 3 bracelets to make to match necklaces help.....

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  • Have 3 bracelets to make to match necklaces help.....

    I have been given 3 necklaces to make matching necklaces for but am having difficulty in finding beads. Here are the 3 necklaces any help would be great!!! (the pics are not great just took them quickly)

    Thank you x
    Hannah @ HGM Jewels

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    it can be really hard to match things up
    my advice dont try to match up to exact shapes go for colours and material if poss
    the shell beads should be no trouble to match on the 2nd and 3rd , seems to be alot about at the mo

    for the 1st try looking for brown marbled beads ...i may have a couple like that if you get stuck but they may not be a good colour match
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      I am assuming you didn't make them or you would know where to get the beads. With the 2 disc bead ones is there anyway you could remove a couple of beads without effecting the necklace too much. As long as each earring has at least 1 matching bead I'd say it was okay, I have made many with as tenuous a link. The pendant one I couldn't make out the colours but the round beads looked black, could you focus on them?
      Sorry if no help.



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        ep beads sell the shell beads to match the 3 rd necklace!


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          If it were me, I'd go back to the lady and say it's impossible to match them and would she mind if they were a little different. I don't think it's fair of her to ask you to match beads on a necklace you didn't make in the first place.
          Best wishes


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            i can get the natural ones no problem its just the blue ones really that i wont be able to match completely!
            Hannah @ HGM Jewels



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              have you looked on ebay? if i was to make a matching bracelet i would either take some off (this does look tricky from pic thou) and add some different shaped beads in or some spacers or just try match a few shells and add similar colour beads in (rememeber they are not going to be next to each other, well not as close as ear-rings and neaklace so a slight dif wont matter, i have also seen some neaklaces with these shell beads on all over the high street (could you buy a neaklace and take it apart?)
              Good Luck
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                These look pretty similar...

                Item 120452120325 on ebay.

                I would say this is a close enough match for a bracelet.

                Stef xxx


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                  pics 13 and 14, try asda! they have earrings and necklace at the moment that are very similar - you might be able to use them as 'donor' items!

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                    The natural one is identical to a necklace I bought in poundland, purely for the purpose of taking apart cos I liked the shell bits! So you could try there for that one