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name stamped silver clay

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  • name stamped silver clay

    Heck im having a hard time getting this right, gave up on the alpha disc as it was pretty dire and bought some individual letter stamps instead which are a bit better, but getting the pressure right is difficult, at least im sort of getting in a straight line now!

    thought these might appeal to teenagers, my daughter suggested them, on silk cord

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    Definitely like the single letter hearts - very young and trendy... I sorta like the wonkiness, but the new ones look really neat and professional!
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      ah its not a Q it looks ok in real life, must be something on the pic!!


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        They look fine, I've seen sterling silver that has been stamped and it can be well wonky!! I like things that look handmade, if it's too perfect it will look like it's engraved by machine.

        I did an a4 sheet of different fonts in word and had it made into a rubber stamp sheet. I cut out all the letters and use those now. They are quite flexible and a bit soft so it's not so easy to go too deep, plus the fonts are pretty! x


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          Those are lovely - I think they work brilliantly.

          I know just what you mean about getting the pressure right with the letter stamps.

          I personally like that higgledy-piggledy effect you get with them though, I think it has a sort of cool, old gonewrong typewriter effect to it.

          One idea to make things a little easier is to bind the stamps together temporarily with old lolly sticks and electrical tape or similar. Of course this will only work for names without repeated letters, unless you want to invest in more sets of stamps. But it can be easier to regulate the pressure if you are doing all the letters at once I found.
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