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Amber Jewellery Anyone?

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  • Amber Jewellery Anyone?


    A friend of mine is on the lookout for something really unusual made using amber, she has a lot of items, but is on the lookout for an unusual necklace, if possible using green amber.
    Fail in that, can anyone recommend where I can buy amber beads??
    Hope someone can help, or point me in the right direction, would rather a fellow crafter get the business than some large chain store!!

    Thanks everyone.

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    Dont know anywhere myself but have you tried ebay at all?


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      We have a good selection of Amber: beads, cabochons etc.

      The amber cabochons come in a selection of sizes up to 25x18mm which would make a really nice sized pendant. I have just gone to look at the stock in the drawer and there are some really beautiful cabs with wonderful sparkly spangles inside, which make them really interesting. In fact the photograph on the website is quite old and really doesn't do them justice at all, so we are re-photographing them as we speak!!! so soon we will load up some new photos so you can see what the stock actually looks like, but i promice they are so much more beautiful in real life than the photo you can see at the moment...!

      Amber beads we have at the moment are available in round, chip, heishi, and faceted.

      If you need help choosing the right thing, give us a call on 01872 573888 and we can help you choose the right stone for you - for instance if you have any personal prefereance about colour or the spangles and interest in the cabochon we will choose one that we think will be right for you - as each one if different!

      If you decide to buy else where and are looking at green amber (we don't have any at present) please be aware that a lot of the 'green amber' on the market is not genuine green amber and has a coloured back to the stone to give it a green hue. Genuine green amber is usually also a lot more expensive. So just be sure you know what you're buying.... as some sites are not always very clear.

      Best wishes


      Kernowcraft Rocks & Gems Ltd
      Your Destination For Gemstones & Jewellery Making - Since 1967

      For jewellery making advice, call our friendly team on 01872 573888



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        Thanks both for your advice. I've sent links to the website to my friend, so fingers crossed she likes what she sees.

        Thanks again, but either way, I love your website, so hopefully I'll be able to make purchases soon.