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Check out my Myspace - Advice required!

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  • Check out my Myspace - Advice required!

    Hi all,

    I'm just in the process of creating a myspace web page for my jewellery and would be gratefull if you would take a look, leave a comment/add me as a friend (if you are registered). Any feedback both on the site and the items would be geatly appreciated.

    Can't post links yet, doh! But it's Mod Edit

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    Hi Laura,

    Had a quick look at your site but it wouldn't let me look at a lot - asked me to log in and I haven't ever registered on my space so have no login etc.

    From what I could see though...

    I liked the colour of the background and the picture of your beads you have on there at the moment looks good.

    I found it a bit confusing because it didn't seem to be just dedicated to your beads, you had other pics etc on it. Have you thought about doing a site purely dedicated to your beads? I clicked on a few links but again they took me somewhere else, which I think is a bit confusing.

    Sorry to highlight these few points but I hope it helps to have other points of view. I asked the same when I set up my website and the feedback was so helpful and allowed me to make vast improvements. I will keep checking it as you update it!

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      *Can't post links yet, doh! But it's Mod Edit*

      Laura - it doesn't quite work like that. Have a look at rule 8 - it's worth getting the 25 posts, we all had it to do!


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        Thanks for looking!

        It's part of a larger site for bands, businesses and individuals to create a small space with pictures etc. You can reach a lot of people using it.

        I've bought the web space for my own site, i'm waiting on my partner to do the web design bit though as i am useless with coding! I can just about manage frontpage!!!

        Peter, no worries - i'll work on that one!!
        Beyond Beads
        Handmade Beaded Jewellery for all occasions

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