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Couple more questions!

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  • Couple more questions!

    I am thinking of starting to sell a few items. I hadn't really intended to do that yet but a lot of people have asked me if they can buy stuff so what the heck... but it means i've got a couple issues.

    Firstly - In my silver wraps I use Silver Plate wire - I am practicing so don't want to spend a lot just yet. I did intend to use sterling silver when I made things to sell, but, I don't really have funds to start buying sterling silver wire at the moment. Is silver plate a suitable metal? I am happy with how things look and feel with silver plate but I don't want to sell things to people if they look naff after a month though. It would be a waste of good stones too.

    Secondly, can anyone suggest a decent site for jewellery boxes for transportation? I have scoured ebay and found a few possibilities but does anyone know a decent wholesale site? I don't really want to order a lot yet (funds!) and organza bags seem to be a cheap alternative but I'm worried things will get squashed in the post so was hoping to get some proper sturdy boxes (don't want much do I!)

    And finally... I don't use glue in my wraps (part of me thinks it's cheating ). But I am thinking it might be worth a tiny dab in a few places, to ensure the item doesn't break - in particular I was thinking over jump ring joins. As I say I prefer not too and my wraps are really secure, but as an extra security measure?

    Any feedback would be brilliant.

    Can you tell I'm really worried about selling stuff?!

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    silver plate is fine to use as long as you price accordingly and let people know it is only silver plate and not silver as it will eventually show signs of wear (it's a good idea to include a little care of your item card when you sell , telling people how to look after their silver plate item).... some people prefer to buy silver plate when they are looking for cheaper costume jewellery.
    I have sent you a pm about boxes
    as for the dab of glue it really is your call, if you will have more peace of mind putting a dab of glue on your jump ring then it won't alter the price or the overall look of your design

    good luck and let us know how it goes, it's a fab accolade that people want to buy from you
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      I agree with becky about the silver plated's absolutely fine as long as people know what they're buying.

      And you could use a tiny dab of superglue on your jump rings, but it can also be a good idea, especially on a necklace, to have a point that will break if pulled.
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        Another alternative to silver plated wire is the coloured craft wire have a great range ( I should be getting commission for the number of times I have recommended them. LOL) It doesn't tarnish and the plating does not rub off like sp so it lasts much longer. You can also colour co-ordinate with the beads you are using.



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          Thank you very much for all your feed back everyone. It is really appreciated!

          Hmm silvermaid, I do have some enamel wire but it looses it's coating so easily I'd been a bit put off using it - I will check out some of the ones on though, mine was really cheap multi pack from a bargin shop, I assumed they would all be similar but you get what you pay for I guess!


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            I haven't had any problems with the enamel coming of the coloured wire apart from where I have nicked it with pliers- oops. I have also recently seen one of the rings I made over two years ago worn by a checkout girl in Tesco's and it still looked good.