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How do you design your jewellery?

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  • How do you design your jewellery?


    I was just wondering how everyone designs their jewellery.

    I just tend to pick up my pilers, look at the beads I have and away I go, making it up us I go.

    My sister on the other hand does drawings of what she wants to create.

    What do guys do?

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    I'm very like you in my approach. I play about and then concentrate hard once a design appears!

    With my tiara's, I draw. It would be too costly to play. Some drawings are unfeasable though once it comes to making up and I end up tweaking the designs.
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      It depends on the medium I'm using and the place insperation hits. I draw if i'm going to use sheet metals as this helps on cutting lines . If I'm beaading I just do as it happens in my head. like said befor pick up the pliers and look at the beads. if beadweaving though I doodle the design first specialy if it's letters, nothing like getting half way through a word then finding you haven't made the letters wide enough to make it look right.
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        I usually have an idea of what I want to make the order the appropriate amount of beads then make it.
        Other times Ive bought beads then changed my mind and teamed them with something Ive already got.

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          I usually just look at my beads, see what i've got and go from there. usually turns out ok although on occasioan i've got half way through and started again.

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            I sometimes have a hit of inspiration for a specific design but most of the time I play it by ear and also make it up as I go along.


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              A lot of my new titanium ring designs are made by mistake!

              We get an order for one design and in the process of making it can sometimes end up with 2 or 3 more variations.

              Or I may have something in my head and when it transfers to the machine it ends up looking completely different - it's a crazy world
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                Have a look and a play and perhaps make one or two similar before I get what I really wanted in the first place.


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                  I buy beads that I like, and then wait for them to tell me what they want to be. Sometimes I'll see a bead in a shop that says 'make me into a necklace!!' but usually I just go a bit silly and buy up everything I like the look of. It does mean that some beads wait a looong time before they make thier minds up about what they would like to be!
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