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    I was just day dreaming and thinking about more events i can do?! How easy is it to set up your own pamper evenings?! Are they different from jewellery parties?!

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    a pamper evening runs along the same lines as a craft fair but can be more profitable for the stallholders as people know they are there to buy

    but you still have the same problems as a craft fair organiser ....filling the spaces,advertising,charge, insurance, charging the right fee,finding the craft stallholders and also the beauty stallholders as you do need a good mix

    the ones i've done have had a reflexology person,a manicurist,a reiki consultant and also a lady who read your a few others

    I love doing pamper evenings as they have a lovely atmosphere , never organised one though....I think a couple of members on here have , so hopefully they will be able to give you better advice than me
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      What sort of ideas did you have? This may be tricky to get people to pay for unless you offer them something special and unique. Maybe if you had someone you could team up with that can offer facials, massages, manicures? This could then tie in as a bridal shower type thingey or something where people get pampered, but also buy your jewellery?

      Sorry if this is no help - but hope you come up with something!


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        Pamper Evenings

        Me and my sister do Vie at Home and love taking part in Pamper evenings. If you organise anything, please let me know as we would love to come along and bring our products.


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          Definitely better to have a good range of products, and maybe include a well known compnay ie body shop, or virgin vie, etc.
          But when inviting people ask more htan you expect to turn up, but if holding at a public place, then advertise as much as you possibly can, fliers, posters in all local shops, facebook, etc.
          hope this helps, and good luck! Shame i don't live in cambridge, i'd definitely be long .