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  • Silver Star Wars Charms

    My friend has asked me to look into making her a necklace and earring set with characters from star wars. I don't know where to find these charms!! Can anyone help??

    I was hoping for silver plated charms and leting insperation take me away

    If anyone knows of any (cheap) charm websites also that would be great. I never know where to start looking.

    Thanks for your help!!

    Sarah x

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    Being how litigious the Lucas mob are over any unlincenced star wars items, I think it's unlikey you'll find them. :-(
    I think the only pre-made ones you could get would be the little lego figures. Lucas did release some jewellery, but it was in 1977.


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      metal star wars charms will be hard to find , you could always use the little star wars lego figures if you can get hold of some cheaply...quite a few people on etsy and ebay have used these and they can look quite good

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        Thank you!! I never know where I am when it comes to copyrights and everything. I will look into the lego etc


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          Although your frined has asked for charms, why not make 'actual' lightsaber earrings?
          I'm a huge SW fan *blush* and i've made a pair of lightsaber earrings by threading coloured sliver lined bugle bead onto a headpin, followed by round and long silver coloured beads to form the handle.
          Does that make any sort of sense? lol


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            Just to let you know, I have a son who is a big Star Wars lego fan, and the little lego characters are not cheap, popular ones can go for £15-25 on ebay!! Yes, I'm talking about Yoda, C3PO, Darth Vader etc. I was shocked at how much they can be, think there are a lot of collectors out there, sorry, probably not the news you wanted to hear!

            Helena xx