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  • Gold prices!

    I've just been asked to quote for a silver bangle with a gold charm so I went onto Cooksons website to get a price for a piece of gold 1.5cm square. Couldn't believe it would cost £49!!
    Best wishes

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    I know exactly what you mean, I ordered enough 9ct d/wire to make a single ring and it was also gobsmacked by the prices, but this was for a gift that I am making, so I don't need to consider a profit margin.
    Can you add a reasonable markup on a gold item and still be able to sell the piece ??
    Lisa Quinn

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      About 90% of what I make is made from gold so I know what you mean. Could you not get someone to melt down some scrap gold into a bit of plate for you, considering the size your looking for it's not a big job.


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        GOld price has rocketed recently because of the job losses proposed in the USA with GM going bust.

        We offer our customers the service to have jewellery made up from their own gold so we have all the facilities in our workshops.

        I would only be too pleased to help you out. If you had any old gold, we could melt it down and roll it out into a piece of sheet for you.

        Alternativly we could supply you with the scrap gold and just charge you the fix of the day (currently at £6.87 with hattongarden and a fashion charge (depending on the time taken to roll it out.

        I hope this helps you.

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