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  • Looking for Silver Clasp

    Can anyone help me find a certain kind of clasp. I'm looking for a trigger style clasp without the trigger part in silver, if that makes any sense. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for cooksons have a couple, one is what they call a silver jumbo lobster clasp, but it is 40mm long which is way too big and the other they have is called a lobster ring shortner, but again this is too big. I also found a fish eye clasp by Rashbel but it seems to be constantly out of stock.

    I would prefer something that doesn't really look like a clasp as it's going to be seen. I've searched everywhere for 'trigerless' and 'no-trigger' clasps but the only ones I've found are from the US and I need them quite quickly. Thanks guys

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    Why not make a fish hook style clasp yourself? Easy peasy!
    Best wishes


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      Originally posted by Glitterbug View Post
      Why not make a fish hook style clasp yourself? Easy peasy!
      I did think of that but was afraid that it might not be strong enough as the items I'm making are designed so that the person wearing it can change parts of it themselves. I know when I have something like that I can fiddle about with it for ages.


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        Have you tried looking at our range of clasps? I'm not entirely sure what your looking for, but we do have some nice decorative clasps that look lovely on show or as a feature of the necklace or bracelet.

        I particularly like the interlocking ring clasp, although it isn't cheap it is a very well made and clever design in sterling silver, very nice quality. The magnetic ball clasp is also very nice and simple - very strong magnet and well made in sterling silver, ideal for large beads and as it looks like a bead it blends in well on beaded necklaces. As well as these we have lots of smaller simple clasps like lobster clasps and fish hook clasps and lots of nice toggle clasps too.

        Hope this helps!


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          rather than looking for triggerless clasps (which are pretty much always shaped like a lobster but without the trigger), try looking for pearl shorteners. I use a lot of round and oval ones, and they're one of the few findings I buy rather than make myself. They're not always easy to find here, but the sellers in Hong Kong generally get them here in five days or less.


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            Thanks for your help guys, I've found something that I think is about as close as Im going to get.

            Don't you hate it when you have an idea in your head but you just can't get the bits and bobs to make it look the way you want?