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How much stock for events?

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  • How much stock for events?

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    I don't know if this helps but when I go to a fair I still do one offs. I have quite a variety of styles and colours but each piece is slightly different.
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      Hmmm.. A tricky one for me to answer really. I don't like seeing lots of the same necklace on a stall. I think it can easily look as if you have bought them in. I think people expect handmade jewellery to be different to the 'shop bought' stuff churned out by the hundreds.
      I do make duplicates of popular styles but I usually make them slightly different. One may have a toggle clasp and another a trigger. I will maybe use black spacers for one and then grey or silver for the others or change the spacings slightly if they are on my stall together. I will also make different lengths, an 18" and a 20" or 22" Once I have sold one I would then make an exact replica. I also make several in the same style but in different colours, and they all look quite different.
      I would probably only make 2 and definately not more than 5 exactly the same for a stall. Of course for a website it would not matter how many you make identical and it would probably be an advantage to sell the same necklace rather than having to list new ones all the time.
      I hope this hasn't come across as me being 'sniffy' but I have seen people walk straight by a stall displaying 10 of every design and then stop at one with all individual designs.



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        I don't make jewellery but my ceramic items are all one offs and this seems to be a real hit with the customers. They love to know that their purchased item from me is unique and that they will be the proud one and only owner of it, as they won't find it anywhere else.

        I would say the more items of jewellery you can make, the better, but try not to have many of the same pieces. This is only my opinion and I am talking from my personal experiences.

        At a craft fair last weekend I had several customers come back to my stall gutted because an item they were interested in had sold, so perhaps if this happens to you, you could have a 'replica' of some items under your table and replace each one as they sell.


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          I suppose it really depends on how much stock (beads etc) you have, and how much you want to use them on the same things...... if that makes sense at all????
          What I mean is, do you want to stick with the safe bets of what you have already made, to maybe save a bit of time, or do you want to change them slightly or go for something completely different??? (Clear as mud!)
          When I'm doing a craft fair, I make cards that I know have sold in the past (for piece of mind), but I will then make something brand new when I have a flash of inspiration.

          I would say 2 of each thing, or a one-off which has been changed slightly....... I can't seem to say what I want to say clearly, but it makes sense in my head!!!!
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            I think as well it depends on what sort of event you're doing. If it's a small event where you only expect to sell a few things, you obviously don't need so much as you would at a big show. I've never counted how many things I take but I would expect it to be several hundreds. I made 45 simple rings yesterday to take to a big County show and that's just a small proportion. I don't display everything but I do put out all my rings so that people can try them on. I do find that people usually want to buy the item on display. I'm constantly polishing things to keep them looking nice.
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