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A new one needing help!!!

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  • A new one needing help!!!

    Hi all

    I wrote this in another section the other day and thought i might get a better response here.

    I'm new to this jewellery craft stuff although have done loads of other crafts in the past and I need a bit of help getting started. Can anyone recommend any websites/books etc that will help me to make my own jewellery. I'm interested in bead stringing rather than bead weaving(?) and i've been looking at creating designs using dichroic glass pendants but things that are a bit unusual. I need to find something that tells me which materials are best for which type of beads etc, which findings go with which material etc and anything else that may help me!!

    Thank you in advance in the hope you can help me!!!


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    Try Im sure they sell magazines.

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      I found an American site very useful. It has a beginners section and a gallery of other peoples designs.
      I can not post site urls yet. But it starts with the usual 3 w, then jewelrymaking.about. and then com
      I use softflex for glass beads etc, it is expensive but good quality. Hope this helps.
      for glass beads & findings


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        Hi Tanya, welcome. I think the reason you didn't get an immediate answer was that we were giving you some time to look around the forum for answers to your questions. If you look in the 'jewellery' and 'beads' threads for instance, you may find a lot of information on making jewellery, and the problems that go with it! We're not ignoring you - we just like new members to have a look and see if the questions can be answered in the forum.
        ..............and...........Running Wild.............have a look at rule 8 regarding putting URLs into text disguise!