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want to start making jewlery where do i start

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  • want to start making jewlery where do i start

    as the title says i would like to have a go at making jewelery but have no idea where to start. Where do i get supplies and can you buy magazines to help. Alao what is a good thing to start with. Sorry for all the questions just something i am quite interested in


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    Yep, there are magazines, I cant name any but Im sure WHSmiths sells some.
    Yes, you can get kits, try a craft shop, some flower shops now have a craft section or Hobbycraft, which has everything under the sun.
    Best thing I think would be a bracelet or a necklace, all depending on how much youd like to spend.
    Try, they sell mags and kits.

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      You can also watch videos on You Tube, I found those to be helpful :-)
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        Look for classes/demos

        I echo the YouTube suggestion, and I would add that in the magazines you will find listed which jewellery fairs might have classes or demonstrations you can attend - I know that's the case in the Edinburgh Bead Fair, and check out your local bead shops. They have a vested interest in getting you hooked and often run classes!


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          I think doing a class is a good way to start. It doesn't need to be a long term commitment - it could just be a one off weekend/evening course. You can then pick up tips on where to buy supplies locally from the tutor. I initially did a one week summer course to see if I would like it and then I signed up for a year part-time college course. Hope that helps!


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            There are so many things to do with jewellery it can be really overwhelming and you probably want to try everything!

            I would recommend trying some courses, I did some at the London Jewellery School and loved it, they do taster classes if you're on a budget and want to try a few different things before finding your niche
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              I got about 3 or 4 books on Amazon which show you how to make different types of jewellery. Most books also explain the difference in the materials etc. You'll soon find out which style of jewellery making that you prefer. Best thing to do first aswell is to just have fun with it and don't try to do too much too soon - I did that and ended up really frustrated as I couldn't do some of the techniques they talked about! Take is slowly and most of all have fun!!!
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                I never went to any classes, I started making jewellery about 3 years ago and got two books and several thousand beads lol. I then gave up and have only started doing it again for the last 4 or 5 months. Think I am much better prepared this time and have definitley researched things more. As long as you know the basics which can be found in the back of most good jewellery magazines, my personal favourite being "Making jewellery" then you can progress from there.

                Most of my items are simply beaded designs, although I have done a little bit of chain maille which I learnt off the internet. I think beaded jewellery is the easiest place to start though. I don't personally think you need classes for beaded jewellery but for more advanced things it would probably be worth it.

                Good luck anyway hun and don't forget to post your creations on here.

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                  i think maybe you tube is a good way to start if yuo'rejust starting. I bought a kit on Ebay and spent a weekend watching you tube videos (if you type in aunties beads - they are very clearly filmed so you can see what you should be doing - and have tutorials on all sorts of items)

                  I'm totally you tube taught (look at my stuff to see if yuo think that's a good thing!)

                  but my sister spent money going on a course, and then lost her interest so it felt like quite a lot to spend

                  i think go for cheap, work out if you've got the bug (you'll know if you have if you're hoovering up, tripping over beads and if every day there's a jiffy bag on the mat - sure the postie thinks i'm dealing something dodgy!)

                  i'm planning a precious metal clay course as my new year reward for a (hopefully) profitable christmas - I think once you know you're hooked that's the time to start shelling out!

                  waffling - can you tell I should be working?!

                  Good luck - send us pictures of what you make, and if you want tips, just ping !


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                    You could try my plan:
                    1. Learn one technique, and make things using that until you are happy with it (or getting bored!).
                    2. Learn another technique and see what you can do with that - mix it with the last one, or on its own.
                    3. Repeat step 2 whenever you feel like it!
                    This has the advantage that you avoid feeling overwhelmed by it all, and don't have to spend a fortune on tools and equipment (though you can if you want to...) Plain wire loops are a handy first technique - then you can make earrings, pendants, charm bracelets, etc. But avoid bead shops! They are Bad Things, that will part you from vast sums of money in exchange for wonderful things!
                    As other people have mentioned, classes and demonstartions are useful - check out your local authority adult education classes to see if they run anything that appeals (as well as YouTube, bead shop classes, and magazines).
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                      sign up for one of my classes! just £10 a time and you will learn all you need for stringing, then a wire class for more skills. with these under your belt you can make just about anything.! Well it's worth a try!! otherwise, have great tutorials, a google search of "How to use a crimp bead" should bring up a page you can get a regular email with latest projects, tips, etc....really useful.


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                        Hi Jan,

                        I noticed your advert in the recent Making Jewellery magazine, and was quite pleased there was something locally. I did do a course last year at The Big Bead shop before they closed, and really enjoyed it.

                        I will be in touch!!


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                          Hi Teresa, look forward to it, am booked solid for a while but it eases up in September.. I went to see The Big Bead shop and couldn't believe it was forced to close after 3 months! I felt gutted for them they had worked so hard on the opening, it was Jules Gems wasn't it? shame,... fingers crossed then.


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                            You could try getting a tutorial DVD to watch. There are some on offer FREE here for the pre launch of ibeadmag a new internet bead and jewellery magazine


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                              There are lots of different ways to get going in jewellery making. I think the main thing is to not get overwhelmed by it all.

                              There are some great jewellery making magazines for sale - most will cover the basic techniques and have projects to follow.

                              UK published mags like Make Jewellery, Beads & Beyond etc are good as they will be using supplies you can easily find here. But I also really like Stringing magazine from the US too, as it has so many different ideas in it - great when you are starting out and need inspiration.
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