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  • thoughts on pricing and etc etc..

    hi, can i have your thoughts on pricing if i was putting silver on etsy or folsky. Normally i make wedding stuff, which is very precise and neat, but my personal taste is a bit messy and not quite perfect- organic! so i have made things that i like but might not be what other people like, ive no idea.

    Could I have your thoughts on the pricing, whether you think its to high or ok? and also if you think it would sell.

    this is wish upon a star necklace, the star and tag are handmade pmc, the stars quite heavy, and the stones are swarovski, i was thinking £30-35

    these are wired up aqua earrings with quartz stones and swarovski and hand made earwires, with messy bails, about £22?

    these are cool citrine, hand made hammered earwires same £22 ish

    this is love necklace, hand stamped pmc, tiny blue topaz on a snake chain £25

    had a "discussion" with husband who cant quite get his head around things not being perfect!

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    They're really nice and I'd say the prices are spot-on.
    Best wishes


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      I think the prices are about right too. Good luck !
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        just looking up on Folksy and there is someone selling 3 fine silver rings for £4.80


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          It it were me i would be selling the earring for £18 but thats just me! Im probably too cheap!
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            do you think they would sell better at £18?


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              I think your prices might be a little "rich" for Etsy, people tend to sell jewellery at much lower prices than yours.

              Just had a quick look and there's a pair of Citrine earrings very much like yours for around £5/6....unfortunately, which do you think people would buy?
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                At the weekend i sorted out some prices, trying to use etsy as comparison! It's hard to compete as there is some brilliant american stuff on there for £15.

                Jewellery is nice. Love necklace is adorable, and reminds ppl 'love me!' when u wear it!
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                  wow £5? cost me that for the stones nearly! god what is the point?

                  maybe i should stick to weddings


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                    I think your prices sound spot on too - and at the risk of starting another debate, the £5 example you mention above is precisely why underpricing causes as much damage as overpricing

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                      ..don't be disheartened! they're gorgeous!
                      maybe selling online is more difficult to price, as photos never do crafts justice - but at a craft fair I'd expect to pay those prices for them - and would probably be put off if they were too cheap!


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                        thanks, the stones are quite large and much prettier than the pics

                        its weird etsy i could add a few more stones like on the star necklace and sell for double. I think maybe make them individual than just drops.


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                          apologies - when i said that pics never do crafts justice, i didn't mean that your pics weren't good! ..just that a lot of (non crafty!) people don't realize how much work goes into handmade items from photos.
                          do you have any shops near you that might be able to sell them for you? maybe you could get a better price rather than selling on etsy etc?


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                            I love the 1st necklace! I think your prices are fine! You can put them on your own website anyway! I don't think people realise what goes into making things like that! I bet if you looked around on etsy there are probably people who have similar for sale for more so you might be the happy medium! It's easier to price higher and reduce than to start low and put prices up! xx



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                              yeah there is, i can see people havnt made their own earwires or bails etc, I personally would prefer a totally hand made product.

                              I will be putting things on my website, was going to do a mix and match option of having a handmade stamped tag with a gemstone of choice and then be able to match earrings to it.

                              Ah you dont need to apologise Boden girl i knew exactly what you meant and i appreciate the advice xx

                              Im going to see a lady in a gallery on saturday about displaying my things, i just wanted to try and get the pricing right, I would think that etsy would give you a good showcase or is there just too much on there now? Mind you its worth a go as their fees arnt high.