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  • New look site, more products

    Based on advice by the good folk here, I've updated my site. Would love to know what you think!
    Lydia x

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    Love the site, some really nice pieces and very different.

    I have just noticed something on your about page. It's says that sterling silver is 97.5% pure silver... isn't it 92.5%?? Hence 925?



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      *note quick change on site*
      thank you! x


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        That's ok! Had a good nose about.. didn't see your previous site, so not got much to go on I'm afraid! Very good though and user friendly. I love the my cat is mad pendant!



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          Hi Lydia

          I have had to hide my credit card as I love your products

          The website is nice, very clean and easy to navigate. You have all of the info I would need if I was going to buy. Not sure if you have your address on there though (closed the web page before I started writing) it is vital you have this info on your site because of the online trading rules. Having a brain block at the moment and can't remember the specific details other than they have to be on your site.

          Sorry just looked and the info is on there, teaches me to close the web pages down first
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            I'm liking the way some of your pics are on purple background which echoes the colour in your logo...
            Lorna x

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              Lovely, I like the fact that you can see the whole range on the first page without digging through two or more pages. I like the purple backgrounds too.

              My only thought was that it was a one page website, until I noticed the buttons on the right. It just took longer to realise they're there.
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                Oh good - I started retaking the pics on the purple velvet today, then the camera batteries died, they will all be purple by the end of the week
                Sadly I can't change the design of the side links - I'd love to make them bolder, or higher up, but am limited (mostly by my inability to do any HTML at all )
                Thanks for all the help and positivity xx


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                  I love your website - so easy to navigate, I'm considering a website for my arty things but I'm so rubbish I don't even know where to start!! Did you make yours from scratch or use a site like mr site? I really don't know where to start....
                  ReganLottie x

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                    I use big cartel - costs $19.99 a month for the plan I use. I like that it displays in £s and is ridiculously easy to create your own site.