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    They say it's second rate to be influeced by copying, but I think museum visits are an eye opener for jewellery making. Went to brit museum this afternoon and it was really enjoyable looking at all the artefacts.

    A lot of it as gold and bronze. I didnt see any silver. Did see some chainmail in the medieval section. Including male chainmail bracelets! It was like a pile of scattered iron bits, but pretty awesome nxt to a sword and thinking about the time.

    There were all sorts of gold rings. Jewellery in the shape of torques, snakes.
    Silhouette etching pendants.
    Simple chain jewellery - gold plated chain, then bead then more chain. But they would have made the chain themselves and it looks just like our machine made! Plus it had emeralds on it. There were some male necklaces gold chain and carnelian beads. Saw mostly carnelian actually.

    There was a necklace strung completely from oblong amethyst beads, i wanted that necklace, it was so purple! But we can copy it as it's past copyright

    A few necklaces were beaded, and then gold leaves hung from it, seems like that would be a popular design in modern handmade jewellery.

    Going to london again next sat, but have to go in the morning cos friends want to drink in pubs istead!

    Wonderig if this sounds jewellery geeky, but it is good to be inspired by history. (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery

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    Not at all, I like medieval jewellery
    I'm waiting for a V&A book to be released "Medieval Jewellery: In Europe 1100-1500".
    Doesn't come out until November, such a long wait!

    I also like old Arabic and Indian jewellery, all those gems and glitz
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      I don't think it's copying at all. There's a difference between copying and inspiration, and we're all inspired by things around us, it's impossible not to be really. And it's great when you get inspiration for something new, or maybe see colours together that you wouldn't have thought would go.
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        I think i will buy that book too! Yes the jewellery can be very delicate whilst being glitzy, you can see how fiddly it would have been to make!

        Yes, normally i dont use too many semi precious stones in one go, but this necklaces was so colourful and in yourface i liked it! Also wasnt too long. I think chuky jewellery tends to be longer as thats the style. Now to find some stones in the near future that is! (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery


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          i really want to go the the v&a - last time i was there the jewellery collection was closed

          it is totally inspriring going to exhibitions of both old and new jewellery.


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            If we arnt meant to take ideas from the past then the fashion industry is in alot of copying trouble!!!
            I love looking to history for inspiration.I dont want t ocopy an idea completely but I dont see whats wrong with a piece inspiring my own work.


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              I make Elizabethan style jewellery and base my pieces on portraits of the era. I don't see it as copying but introducing people to historical pieces.
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                Most of the seed beaded designs I make have long histories and that's one of the reasons I love doing it as I feel I'm helping (in my small way) to keep these designs from disappearing. I went to a Beadworkers Guild Cascade Day in March when they had some Victorian and Edwardian pieces. Gorgeously fragile (couldn't touch) and felt afraid to breathe too close to some of them but was so inspired to see these beautiful pieces. I then had to remind myself that young ladies of those times didn't quite have the schedules and demands that we do so could spend most of their days sitting and making these!

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                  I know what you mean!! I have exam tomorrow and have spent this morrning and yest afternoon making jewellery
                  Sounds lovely that you are making romantic style jewellery. I prefer beadwork to the single strand necklaces (i saw those in the museum) but the strand necklaces in the museums use handmade beads so they def represent the times and culture.
                  I bought a beadwork magazine but havent tried any of them yet, most of them used crystals and to recreate those patterns in crystals would be so expensive!
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