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Bracelet troubles

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  • Bracelet troubles

    Hey all,

    I had a craft fair last weekend and several people commented on the size of my bracelets - being too small.

    When I've made one I put it on myself to see how it would be and always think they are fine, however I think i must have small wrists!!!

    How long do you all make your bracelets????

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    ahhhh i have the reverse problem ....( chunky wrists me !!)

    now i tend to do mine a standard 7.5 inches and add an extender chain for people with ample wrists like me

    most of mine can be altered but they do tend to fit most people ,only one woman who had tiny tiny wrists had to have a charm watch altered

    it can be hard to judge what is a "normal" size
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      I always put an extender chain on my bracelets too. I have really small wrists and fingers and I'll make something and that's a bit big on me and I think should be fine and it's still way to small! I make some of my bangles huge and people with big hands are so delighted to find one that fits they buy it straight away! Cater to all sizes so that no-one feels different. You know how you feel when you see a dress you really like and it's too small, you don't want customers to feel like that when they try on jewellery!! If it fits there are more likely to buy!



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        I think I have average sized hands, wrists and fingers which is very useful.
        Best wishes


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          I think most people sell them at 7-7.5inches but I am forever having to restring so I forked out for a Bracelet sizer. I think it was £7 but it will save so much time and wasted stringing material.

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            A bracelet sizer sounds like a good idea, can I ask where you bought it from?

            Many thanks
            Sarah & Sue

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              It's always hard to judge - I would say small is 7 inches, average 7 and a half, large 8
              However if you are using chunky beads they need to be larger
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                Do you all include the clasp in that measurement?
                I have been using 7 inches as my standard bracelet size with an extention chain not inc the clasp.

                When i try them on the size is good in a normal to chunky bracelet, but the really dainty ones are way too big for my wrist at that size.

                Just wondering if someone gave you their wrist measurement, how much bigger than their wrist should it be to be comfortable?






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                  I too have small hands and wrists (unlike the rest of me!) and have the small bracelet comments occasionally! I aim for 7.5inches and if it comes off my hand it's usually ok for most people!


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                    I have exactly the same problem! So glad I'm not the only one

                    At a recent fair I asked a lot of ladies to try them on by way of market research. Turns out I definitely fall into the slim wrists category, and if they fit me they're too small for everyone else! I did offer one lady with very large wrists a remake free of charge - she ended up buying two and is likely to come back for more for her sister.

                    Part of the problem was that I use quite chunky stones and was going for 7 inches long before being made up but because of the size of the stones that was giving a much smaller internal circumference. I made myself a bracelet sizer by taking a length of card; cutting a slit half way up it a few cm from the end; then measure forward from this slit 7in, 8in, etc and cut slits on the opposite edge at these points; you can now roll it into a tube and slot together to give a fixed circumference; I use a couple of elastic bands to hold the 'loose' ends flush. Hope that description makes sense. A bit 'make do and mend' but it seems to work quite well.
                    Regards, Carol



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                      It's quite surprising what a difference the size of the beads makes with a bracelet. I try and make different sizes for my stall.
                      I just thought, you could also use the bracelet sizer that Linden made to actually measure someone's wrist rather than a tape measure. That way you could see if it would slip down too far or fall off. I am going to make one or two with some thin flexible plastic I have.



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                        When I started jewellery making I bought a bead board off eBay. You lay out your design in the channels so you can measure the length quite accurately. It wasn't expensive and it works really well for necklaces and bracelets, especially when you want to space focal beads accurately. Search for bead board on eBay and you'll see what I mean. HTH.
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                          Thank you all for your comments, I type average wrist size into Google and it said ladies wrists are between 7/7.5 too! So i'll be using those kind of lengths from now on..

                          Thanks again all!

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