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'Spool' knitting with thin wire? Anyone?

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  • 'Spool' knitting with thin wire? Anyone?

    Hi all.
    I have a knitting 'Nancy' or spool knitter at home which I was using to make knitted spools with wool and then sewing them into flat pads for making blankets etc.

    I think I remember reading somewhere that the same principle can be used with thin wire.
    Has anyone 'knitted' a wire cord on this kind of device? Does it work well, and if so, what gauge of wire works best? I had a look at artistic wire on ebay and it said suitable for knitting, is this the right thing?

    I think this would give a really unusual effect, would be interested to hear if anyone has had success doing this.


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    My Bead-a-day calendar seems to indicate that you use wire in the same way as wool, but I've not tried it.... looks great when it works though!
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      I had a go using that thin stuff you use for necklaces, god my minds gone blank, ill think of it in a minute lol, getting the tension right was tricky, but once id got it, i thought it looked quite funky, but daughter and husband thought it looked daft!


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        I would use .2mm wire -sorry don't know the guage. do a selection of colours in their special offers section to start you off.
        You can also use a knitting nancy machine or french knitting machine, it's a lot quicker. I think stitchncraft sell them - I saw one on their stall at a bead fair - but some craft shops do as well.
        like this

        Have a look at this site she uses a big home knitting machine like my mum had years ago and then folds and scrunches it and sews it together with fishing wire to make her stuff.


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          Yes I have made quite a few. Here is an example. If you want to know more just ask.
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            Knitting wire

            I french knit with copper and silver wire and in the past have also used a knitting machine, problematic finding the right gauge but good fun trying. The wires link in an earlier thread do sample packs to try out.


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              This was made using a knitting dolly

              its 2 strands of 0.2mm wire held together, there is a string of beads fed through the tube.. I find that one strand of 0.2mm tends to snap and anything thicker is quite difficult to bend. For thicker wire I tend to use straight needles, up to about 0.4mm is ok but it gets less fun when it is thick imo
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                Both gorgeous pictures!
                Thanks for the tips, think I am definately going to try it.

                One more do you secure the beads inside the tube? Are they threaded on or do they just 'fill' the tube down the centre?

                Many thanks again!


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                  There are two methods but I usually just thread the beads on first, make sure you thread plenty of beads because you can't go back later and add more!
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                    These are beautiful.
                    I had to google 'knitting dolly' cause I didn't know what it is, I never knew
                    you could use wire. I would like to try crochet wire, but since I haven't crochet for ages, I don't have a hook. What is the best size for the hook, and for the wire?
                    Thank you.


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                      I regularly steal my little girl's knitting dolly for these. I particularly like threading beads or gemstone chips onto the wire and knitting these in, as well as dropping beads into the centre of the spool.

                      This set's peridot chips:



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                        Love your designs George
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